post written by: Marc Chernoff

An Exciting Road Ahead

The next 9 months leading up to our wedding are bound to be filled with exciting and eventful moments;  A period of time consumed with planning, dresses, bands, DJs, tuxes, wedding party decisions… oh, and the Bachelor Party and Bachelorette Party!  I’m keyed up and ready for the ride!  This site will serve as a communication portal for Angel and I.  We intend to continually update the site with the latest wedding info, random thoughts, or whatever we feel like tossing out there.

Also, check back often.  Angel will be continually posting photos to our photo gallery.  She is going back through the 5,000+ photos we’ve taken over the past 6 years, extracting her favorites, and posting them up in the gallery.  I’m even a little curious to see what she digs up.  More to come shortly…

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1 Comment

  • Hi, Marc!
    Great to plan a wedding … But hard work, too! Our wedding was on 9th September 2006 in Frankfurt/ Germany and it was an amazing ceremony in the church and a big, big party the whole night!
    Sandra and I, we try to enjoy everything: preparation, ceremonies and (of course) the honeymoon !!
    Do it in the same way … ;-)

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