Las Vegas and Counting Crows

Las Vegas is quite an adventure.  It’s one of those places where nothing is expected, and anything goes.  Show up at the roulette or blackjack table in a bathing suit or in a tux, it doesn’t matter.  If it’s your lucky night, you’ll be treated like royalty either way.  Oh, and you mine as well keep pressing your luck, because while you’re gambling all drinks (usually $8 – $9 a pop) are on the house.  We stayed at the New York, New York resort.  It boasted a fun resort / casino atmosphere in a very convenient Vegas Strip location.  We caught a Brad Garrett stand-up act which blew me away!  That S.O.B. is freaking hilarious… a very dirty and sarcastic set of Jewish humor.  Brad did not in anyway play the role of his character Robert Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond.  A few older audience members actually left the show during his first 15 minutes of “fat” and “gay” bashing jokes.  I would recommend catching this guy’s stand-up act if you get the chance.  Sunday night was Zumanity night, a Cirque Du Soleil show with topless, flexible, acrobatic women and half dressed men.  One of those factors I could have lived without.  Either way, it was a pretty entertaining Vegas-style show.  And of course, we saw the Counting Crows perform at the Mandalay Bay beach-pool stage.  It was a flawless performance!  The booze was flowing, the sound quality was off the charts, and every audience member just seemed to be digging life.  They are one of the few bands that truely sound better live.  After the show Angel and I snuck backstage (actually side stage) in an attempt to meet Adam Duritz.  I got right up next to him, but was sent packing by security.  Angel on the other hand… her sneaky ass made it through, and she got to take a photo with Adam.  Angel asked for the photo, and he said, “Sure, she’s cute… I’ll take a picture with her.”  So, I guess my woman is on the “in” with my favorite rock star… hmmm… is this a good thing?  You can check out all the photos in our photo gallery. 395


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