Oil and Water

Could it be considered as truth to assume that all intimate relationships are based around a foundation of friendship?  Could you assume that in order for such a relationship to uphold the trials of time, both sides must stand firm against the instinct of separation?   Thus, the establishment of a union between the important peers to both involved parties directly results in the everlasting bond between the two parties.  Is it possible to sustain a relationship with an individual possessing the inverse view to that of your own inner circle?  With enough stimulation, opposites can easily attract in the short term, but when the wake settles… oil will always float to the top.  Just a random thought while I couldn’t sleep.


  1. jim says

    good point, never really thought about it this way, but this kind of happened to me before in the past with this one girl. Except, she still likes me and i absolutely am disgusted by her- i had all the good character traits that she entirely lacked

  2. says


    I always thought that friendship is the real core of any everlasting relationship. I believe that any love relationship without a friendship core is threatened to fail at anytime, while real friendship relationships are much stronger always.

    Good point Marc.

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