Out of the Rat Race

My buddy A-town (Andrew) left a very intelligent comment in regards to my last post, “Perfect Rests in a Shade of Grey”.  He discusses the idea of harboring personal skills and efforts with the goal of building your own enterprise.  In other words: Get out of the rat race, stop trading hours for dollars, and start building a revenue generator of your own.  Angel and I have discussed this idea on several occasions, and we have also shared these thoughts with some of our closest friends.  Most of us will agree that pissing 50% of your life away fulfilling someone else’s initiatives pretty much sucks.  All your efforts are feeding into someone else’s dream, and making them rich while you just grow older.

I’ve recenly been employed by two different successful start-up companies.  The time spent at these companies has given me the opportunity to meet some really sharp people with clever business ideas.  But, none of these people are the next Albert Einstein.  These are average individuals who had an idea, nurtured it, and converted into a small enterprise.  When I look around my inner circle I see genius.  I see IT professionals, business/finance majors, sales/marketing managers, computer programmers, real estate gurus, information security analysts, etc.  These people are brilliant, talented, skilled, and capable… and someday they need to unite in an effort to build a revenue generating dream of their own.

Here’s an excerpt from A-town’s comment:

…I think the best color for the middle ground we are looking for is the color yellow. Yellow is the odd ball.  It’s out of the ordinary, something wild, something between white and black.  I still think the only way to get everything you desire out of a job is to break out and start something yourself.  Be out of the ordinary.  Don’t just work a job like everyone else.  Create a job that everyone else wants to be a part of…

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