Apprehension to Your Aspirations

Progression really is somewhat of a marvel.  Everyone strives for some means to an end, yet most of us play it just safe enough to the point where we never exactly have the opportunity to snag the whole pot of gold.  Certainly we acquire some of the gold along the way, but we never really thought the whole pot was a realistic option.  We seem to be looking forward to the next step, but equally afraid of the risk or change that may result from the required actions. It’s the notion of knowing exactly what needs to be done, but lacking the nerve to do it; the apprehension to your aspirations.  As I ramble on… I’m not explicitly referring to any one specific situation in this present moment.  I just realize that Angel and I have so many objectives we desire to achieve.  Some short term, some long term, and some of which are more complex than others.  The end result will never be an issue of whether or not it was possible.  The real question is: Are we prepared to get out from under the covers and step into the dark?


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    Concentration on the benefits of our large goals is Inspiration, which is a powerful way to destroy Apprehension!
    Motivation further helps us to take action and Optimism helps us continue, in-spite of failures/ obstacles!

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