A Day Late for Downtown Orlando

Angel and I are getting married next March.  We have been diligently saving money with the best intention of purchasing a home of our own.  The overlying goal is to relocate in or around the Downtown Orlando area.  We’re in our mid twenties with no children, so we think it would be nice to set up shop a little closer to the social scene and night life.  So what’s the problem?  The problem rests with the real estate insanity that has sky-rocketed the house/condo prices straight through the damn stratosphere!  I mean for gawds sake, we are both professionals and together we make just under 100K a year!  Yet somehow the only housing we can afford is a 600 square foot, one bedroom, pre-construction condo… or a freaking house in the ghetto that was built in 1960.  Oh, and there’s hardly anything decent to rent because they converted every apartment complex into a condo complex.  This is absolutely preposterous!  I mean, this isn’t downtown Manhattan.  The per-capita income in Orlando is still pretty low.  Sure, there has been a ton of job growth, but most of the growth is in the service industry.  Waitresses, bartenders… they work downtown, but they can’t live there.  It seems like Downtown Orlando appeals to a younger professional crowd, yet we’re priced right out.  The crazy thing is that 2 years ago we could have purchased 2 homes.  WTF!?


  1. vicki says

    Move to Tampa, FL instead!! Come on over to the west coast of Florida! Tampa and St. Pete are great places to live……
    and thanks for your Blog/wisdom/fb page! I will be buying your book and hopefully that will help towards buying the home of your dreams! Best Wishes!

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