The Most Popular Websites

Here’s a fascinating link for anyone interested in tracking the ongoing rank of the most popular websites on the Internet.  Many of these ranks are probably to be expected, but I was certainly surprised by some of the other positions.  The ranks are maintained by Alexa, a web traffic tracking subsidiary of Amazon.  You can read more about it here.  All rankings are based on US popularity.  You can look at the worldwide statistics here.  It’s rather amazing to see how popular some of the social networks have become.

Here are the top 20 sites:

1.  Yahoo!

2.  Google

3.  Myspace

4.  Microsoft Network (MSN)

5.  EBay

6.  Amazon

7.  Craigslist

8.  YouTube

9.  Wikipedia 

10.  Cable News Network (CNN) 



13.  America On Line (AOL)

14.  Blogger

15.  Facebook

16.  Microsoft Corporation 

17.  Comcast 

18.  The Internet Movie Database

19.  The New York Times

20.  Flickr


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