Danger Strikes at 2AM

Last night we hit up happy hour in downtown Orlando, a pretty common event within our circle of friends.  Angel and I were totally spent by 12:30AM, but neither one of us were in any position to drive just yet.  So, we went back to my truck, cranked up the A.C., and passed out for a couple hours.  I was awakened around 2:30AM by numerous parties of belligerently drunk twenty-something’s heading back to their vehicles following the typical 2AM liquor cutoff in all Central Florida nightclubs.  Angel was lying across the front bench seat with her head resting in my lap, and I was slouching down in the driver seat. 

When I opened my eyes the first thing I saw was a girl dry heaving behind her car, which was located almost directly in front of my truck.  After about five minutes of nastiness, she got in the driver seat, turned the ignition and drove off.  Then two vehicles parked across from each other on opposite sides on the same parking row backed out simultaneously and bumped each other.  Both drivers pulled back into their space… then one left following the other without ever checking to see if their vehicles were damaged. 

Just then a BMW 3 Series barrel-assed around the corner and was forced to come to a skidding and screeching halt to avoid running over two girls who were attempting to make it back to their car.  They were parked about five vehicles down from the space in front of me.  When they made it back to their car a sudden commotion erupted and both girls started screaming at someone.  I poked by head out the window only to catch site what appeared to be a drunken guy urinating on her car’s front driver side tire.  After startling him, he jumped and started pissing on the hood of the car in front of hers.  Then he staggered away mumbling back at the angry ladies.  He got in a Blazer with one of his buddies that could barely stand up straight, and they both drove off as well.

This was just ten minutes of observation in one parking garage on one side of town.  Let’s just say, I was a slightly blown away.  The roads in downtown Orlando must be five times more dangerous after 2AM than they are at midnight.  I guess we sort of knew it all along.  But witnessing it firsthand broadens your perception.

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  1. Steve Lawrence says

    Things are just the same here in Los Angeles. I honestly am amazed that, between the intoxication factor and the later hour (people staying up too late, getting up too early with too little sleep, etc.) more people don’t die. I guess that’s proof G-d takes care of drunks and fools. :)

  2. says

    This reminds me of my drive one cold January night a few years back. The roads were icy and I was being extra careful driving slowly at night across a large intersection. A car came at me at 90 degrees and made a right hand turn into the road where I was at high speed. His station wagon began to spin toward me and I had no place to go as the center of the road had a median with a small barrier. Luckily I drove a stick shift and was able to shift down and gun the engine just barely getting by the car. He hit the median and I drove slowly away looking in my rear view to see if he had damage. I debated stopping but was afraid I would get stuck. Then I saw him driving up the road behind me. I thought for sure he was after me for not stopping and was ready to pull over but he flew by me and spun out again making a turn into the beer store. I looked at the clock and it was almost closing time. I looked at the car and he is desperately trying to climb out his driver side window because the door is smashed in. And his car is now blocking the entrance to the parking lot.

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