A Few Years Makes A Difference

It’s interesting how at any age you can always reminisce about an earlier time in your life.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re 18, 25, or 40, there will always be this faint recollection of a time when life seemed blissful.  At the age of 25 many would say I’m still just a kid… “you’re just a whipper-snapper with a lot to learn”, some of my older colleagues have jokingly taunted me with.  And while that certainly holds truth (lord knows we all have a lot to learn), I have still lived long enough to reflect on the past.  The more I reflect, the more I appreciate how every one of my memories (blissful or not) has led me directly to the current moment.

This evening I found myself day dreaming while listening to rain beat against the bedroom window.  Before I knew it I was sifting through memories of high school, the college party scene, and the rapid transition into the professional working world.  Pushing through the last several years of your life consecutively from beginning to end can be an insightful mind game.  You begin to recognize the exact moments that would ultimately define your immediate future.  I find fascination in the evaluation of my past decisions and in the realization of their outcomes.  There are so many moments I’ve almost forgotten, and several more I’ll never forget.  The journey of a few short years can be quite substantial; realizing this fact motivates and inspires me in preparation for the times that lay ahead.

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