Links Worth Checking Out 1-15-07

More interesting links for you guys:

  • The Man Who Shook Up Vegas – It’s all in the numbers… pretty darn cool, even if you don’t gamble.
  • Canadian Spy Coins in Your Pocket? – This is bizarre!  Coins with location tracking capabilities.
  • iPhone Keynote Address by Steve Jobs – The iPhone intro video is worth a look.  Angel wants one.  I want one.  You will too.  Check out this “hands-on” review from Gizmodo, this one from NY Times, or this CBS demo video on YouTube.
  • The Chopstick Test – You better study your chopstick etiquette if you want to get into a school in Japan.
  • When Buying a Diamond Starts with a Mouse – An intersting article about online diamond sales.  They spend a great deal of time discussing the online diamond merchant Blue Nile.  While I didn’t buy Angel’s engagment ring from these guys, I did use their site for about 85% of my research on diamonds, and also a basis for the price point when I was browsing the diamond exchange stores in NYC.  If you find yourself preparing for the next step with your significant other, Blue Nile is a great place to start unraveling the engagement ring mystery.
  • Google is the Best Workplace – This company doesn’t cease to amaze me.  Free gourmet meals, dry cleaning, flex schedules…  
  • You are The Person of 2006 – This is old news.  But, for those who haven’t read this short editorial, it’s worth a quick read. 

Links Worth Checking Out 1-7-07

Here are a few links that I came across in the past couple of weeks.  I thought they were interesting enough to share.  Enjoy yourselves.

  1. Wallpapr – a slick wallpaper search interface to Flickr’s massive gallery of user photos.
  2. NPR Marketplace Morning Report – A direct link to the web directory hosting National Public Radio’s daily 4:50AM and 5:50AM Marketplace Morning Report and previous archives in mp3 format.  Quickly grab the latest business news summary every morning. 
  3. Talking Salmons – A military journalist blogs from the front lines in Iraq.  Gives the reader an interesting first hand perspective on the war.
  4. TIME’s 50 Coolest Websites – TIME’s take on the coolest sites.  There are some goodies in this list.
  5. Young Turn to Websites Without Rules – We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control.
  6. Long or Short – Simple Steps to Becoming a Billionaire – This site hosts some pretty darn funny financial humor.  Their are some true gems over here…  browse around.
  7. Buying vs. Renting – An interesting blog post on the advantages and disadvantages of buying vs. renting a house.  Some of the comments are equally as insightful.