You Will Succeed When You Are the Only Person in the World

The focus of this discussion is on your world, not the physical planet that every other being on Earth inhabits. It has been my experience that a substantial number of individuals spend a lofty percentage of their time enthralled in other people’s issues. Sometimes they excite themselves, or even upset themselves with these third-party concerns. Compound this wasted time with the fact that most of the individuals involved are completely lost concerning the direction of their own lives, and you begin understand the cyclical source responsible for the renouncement of personal dreams and success.

only one personHow can anyone successfully conquer their dreams when they ignore the world of possibility they live in? Whomever coined the phrase “the world does not revolve around you” was in complete disconnect with the big picture. It is true that your world does not revolve around me. Likewise, my world certainly does not revolve around you. The world is what you make of it within the infinite bounds of your own individual life. So your world should be the world that matters to you, and thus the exclusive setting in which you focus your time, your energy, and your passion.

Am I alluding to the notion that I have it all figured out? Absolutely not, in fact I believe life is a continuous series of lessons. We all have much to learn. This is just food for thought.

This post was somewhat inspired by this post.

Update: This post was included in the Success and Abundance Lifestyle Carnival.


  1. neena says

    STILL my favourite post of yours. Don’t know why it’s not more popular. This is seriously the sole thing that holds me back and i’m sure it holds many people back too. I firmly believe that the most successful people are focused on their own lives and not everyone else’s opinions.


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