Terrified In Life or Bored Until Death? I’d Rather Be Terrified!

terrified in lifeThe optional risk associated with free choice is the greatest catch-22 in life.  When presented with the choice, do you try something new or do you accept the proverbial zone of comfort for which you are already well acquainted?  So many of us complain about the boring cycle of repetition present in our weekly routines, yet we choose no clear course for correction.  Why?  The reason is simple.  The very source of our boredom also provides a solid foundation of unadulterated comfort.  We are comforable with our current surroundings.  Steering off the known track is risky, and we are terrified of what might happen if we do.

So, what happens when we stick to the current track?  Nothing!  Nothing new will ever happen.  We jog along the same circular track at a steady pace daily.  We pass by the same mile marker at the exact moment we did yesterday, and the day before, and the week before that.  There is not a worry on our minds because we already know the terrain that lies ahead.  We do feel a slight sense of redundant boredom, yet we immediately fall numb to the rhythmic sensation of familiarity in a zone of absolute comfort.

Someday we must break the cycle.  We must choose risk over refuge.  We must act on chance when we have the choice.  We must ask ourselves, would we rather be terrified in life or bored until death?  As for me, if I had the choice to be eternally bored or terrified on occasion, I’d much rather be terrified.  How about you?


  1. says

    I have been very bored with my current life.

    Work, eat, sleep, video games. I see the same old friends and never do anything new with them. I’ve had this feeling of being bored with life for years now, but always just repressed it and wrapped myself up with things within my comfort zone.

    I’ve been asked to do things that are way out of my comfort zone but always refused on the basis it would be uncomfortable, so how could I have fun doing it? But after reading it but so bluntly, thanks to this blog post, I’m going to change that. Starting today.

    I think its time I expeirence new things, even if I feel afraid to do them because its not something I’m comfortable with. it might just cure me with my current staleness of life.

    I appreciate your post, Marc.

  2. unknown says

    Well written and convincing but I differ totally. I used to have the same idea, notion rather. But the thing is, just cause a thing is new it doesn’t automatically become good or in your favour or something that might prove fruitful in the future! It could be a plain waste of time and energy, without you even knowing or accepting it rather and seeing a situation the way it is.
    My personal experience: I left the city I was living in, my big hopes, dreams and ready to take on any challenge, what come may situation! But here I am, feeling trapped! By my own blind enthusiasm! I got no one to blame!

    The fact is: No one knows what would work? For some sticking to the old may work while for some the exact opposite may happen!
    Nothings set in stone, no quote, no thought, no belief or no rule! That’s what I have learned.
    The world is however, very diverse but what works for us? each individual? It’s totally impossible to tell.


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