Knowledge and Confidence: Successful Together, Useless Apart

Knowledge and ConfidenceKnowledge and confidence are undoubtedly the two most important qualities one can possess.  Together they create a universal groundwork for success regardless of the mission at hand.  When combined, both knowledge and confidence directly fuel the promise of their counterpart, creating an unstoppable force of human potential.  But if one loses track of the other, chaos takes the driver’s seat.  The truth is that knowledge is almost completely useless without confidence, just as confidence is useless without knowledge.

Why do they rely so heavily on one another?  In simple terms, knowledge is the product and confidence is the method of delivery.  Consider the following:

  • Knowledge without Confidence – Confidence is the vehicle for practical application.  Without it most knowledge will remain at rest, never seeing the full potential of real world value.  Knowledge without confidence is like a healthy set of lungs without air.
  • Confidence without Knowledge – Knowledge is the product of reason.  How can someone possibly be confident in something they don’t understand?  The answer is that confidence can also be driven by ignorance, although in this form it will eventually lead to failure.  Without the backend support of knowledge, confidence is nothing more than misguided verve.  Confidence without knowledge is like a sports car with a lawnmower engine.

In its purest form, success is simply the byproduct of knowledge and confidence.


  1. Rachel says

    For the first time I’m going to disagree with you.
    See I believe it’s knowledge and wisdom. Confidence is important but it still does not ensure that the knowledge is applied properly.

    But that’s just my opinion…

  2. mannat says

    I believe knowledge is much necessary than confidence because when we have knowledge we get our confidence….
    but confidence is part of our life…..
    It’s my opinion…….

  3. Josh says

    I’d rather have knowledge first, cause then you can learn confidence. This is the first time commenting on any sort of article. I wrote that comment above before I read what Mannat had said. I believe i’m right there next to Mannat. I believe wisdom and knowledge can share the same category. Wisdom’s definition is knowledge that has been tried at over time ie.knowledge that continues to stay true. Knowledge is a more general term. I believe.

    I liked this article.

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