Fun with Just a Stick and Your Imagination

A Stick and an ImaginationDo you recall the countless hours of fun you had outdoors as a child with just a wooden stick and your imagination?  As we grow up we tend to lose track of our ability to dream without reason.  If we do not dream we will never see beyond today’s reality.  It is our imagination that drives both our dreams and our curiosity to chase them.

Maturity is a natural, essential evolution in one’s life.  As we mature we become more educated, organized, responsible, and serious.  General personal progression seems to be the obvious trend during this cycle, but our ability to let our imagination run free is lost somewhere between 9 and 5.  It seems that the more we learn here, the more we forget there.

We should never stop learning, but we should also never stop dreaming.  What good is educated progression if we lose sight of our natural human instinct to imagine, or to chase this imagination equipped with nothing more than a stick.  You had zero to lose then and you have zero to lose now.  Life is short.  Have fun.  Don’t forget to dream.  Don’t forget to use your imagination.


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