50 of “The Greatest” Life Has to Offer

The Greatest Life Has to Offer

Here’s some positive mental nourishment for you, 50 of “the greatest” you will find on your lifetime drive into the sunset.

  1. The Greatest Things – Are not things at all.
  2. The Greatest Mystery – Death.
  3. The Greatest Gift – Life.
  4. The Greatest Work – What you love doing.
  5. The Greatest Recreation – Based on the point above: Work.
  6. The Greatest Feeling – Happiness.
  7. The Greatest Sorrow – A broken heart.
  8. The Greatest Sight – A sight imagined, but physically unseen.
  9. The Greatest Thought – “I can.”
  10. The Greatest Want – Acceptance.
  11. The Greatest Need – Awareness.
  12. The Greatest Trick – Proving the impossible to be possible.
  13. The Greatest Waste – Hatred.
  14. The Greatest Asset – Your mind.
  15. The Greatest Tool – Your body.
  16. The Greatest Smell – A familiar smell.
  17. The Greatest Sense – Touch.
  18. The Greatest Relationship – Long-term friendship.
  19. The Greatest Criminal – A liar.
  20. The Greatest Bankruptcy – Lack of confidence.
  21. The Greatest Mistake – Quitting.
  22. The Greatest Moment – Now.
  23. The Greatest Bore – Repetition.
  24. The Greatest Manufacturing – Recycling.
  25. The Greatest Companion – One you can trust.
  26. The Greatest Deception – Self-deception.
  27. The Greatest Evil – War.
  28. The Greatest Fool – One who thinks he knows it all.
  29. The Greatest Sound – Silence.
  30. The Greatest Art – Music.
  31. The Greatest Love – Thyself.
  32. The Greatest People – Family and Friends.
  33. The Greatest Conversation – One that inspires action.
  34. The Greatest Hero – A teacher.
  35. The Greatest Laugh – One that hurts.
  36. The Greatest Encounter – A pleasant surprise.
  37. The Greatest Story – A true story.
  38. The Greatest Communication – Eye contact.
  39. The Greatest Wealth – Love.
  40. The Greatest Beauty – Is an opinion.
  41. The Greatest Compliment – An unexpected one.
  42. The Greatest Step – The first step.
  43. The Greatest Accomplishment – Finishing what you started.
  44. The Greatest Resource – Time.
  45. The Greatest Exercise – Sex.
  46. The Greatest Service – Helping someone in need.
  47. The Greatest Force – Momentum.
  48. The Greatest Space – Uncluttered space.
  49. The Greatest Expression – A smile.
  50. The Greatest Comfort – Familiarity.

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  1. Frank says

    I really liked this post. Simple, yet very effective. It reminds you what the greatest things in your life really are, and to cherish them.

  2. says

    Thanks for the kind remarks, Frank. I love inpiration driven by personal reflection. I think personal reflection opens the doors to creativity and movtivation. 😉

  3. says

    Not true if she’s also your best friend. There comes a time when you realize that looking elsewhere is just a waste of time. 😉

  4. Donny says

    Nah, you took that wrong. Its the greatest oxymoron cause you can hate them and love them at the same time. I guess thats not really a Big Shrimp, but I didn’t know what else to call it. Greatest Contradiction?

  5. Henry says

    All good. I am having difficulty with #31 though. I would have thought that the greatest love would definitely need to go beyond oneself.

  6. Hardik Pokhrel says

    In fact, Marc the greatest beauty is simplicity and the greatest feeling is satisfaction, really, a boy of 15 which i am, has also felt it. It is really “the” greatest feeling. The other things simply are magnificent, it has certainly enhanced my philosophy on life.

  7. kitiara13 says

    i beg to differ on the greatest mistake. i think its not quitting, but GIVING UP. many people quit, and i think its about reaching a threshold of impatience or self-doubt that is all but human to feel. i always believed that its how you pick yourself up after quitting is what matters most. just my two cents.

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