The Simple Art of Being Easy

The Simple Art of Being EasyHow “easy” are you? Forget the childish definition regarding someone’s willingness to jump into the sack… that’s not the topic here. How easy are you to work with? How easy are you to get a hold of? How easy are you to understand? Do your friends consider you to be “easy”? How about your colleagues or customers?

Your ability to be “easy” is the absolute number one key to creating and maintaining successful relationships, both business related and personal. People like things to be easy. If they have to unexpectedly struggle with someone or something, they usually give up without hesitation.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the first 3 questions asked above.

How easy are you to work with?

Do you listen to other people’s opinions and feedback? Or do you run a “my way or the highway” operation? It’s all about teamwork in life. Your friends, colleagues and customers are part of your team.

You all coexist in a massive support system maintained by the natural exchange of giving and taking. The “give and take” exchange involves ideas, goals, advice, products, services, etc. If all you do is take without giving anything back, you will never be easy to work with and you will eventually fail.

How easy are you to get a hold of?

If people cannot get a hold of you, you are not being easy. Never underestimate the value of keeping an open line of communication. Your general availability and accessibility to others is extremely important to them.

When someone calls a friend, colleague or business contact, they have the intention of speaking to this person on the other end of the line. When this person doesn’t answer, it might slightly frustrate them. If this same situation occurs frequently, they may quit calling altogether.

How easy are you to understand?

It is natural human instinct to be skeptical of the unknown. If you and your product are not easy to understand, you will always be the unknown… And most people will likely keep their distance.

The most successful people have the ability to communicate effectively. The most successful products operate as their users expect. Why? Because in both cases they are easy to understand.

The Bottom Line: Being “easy” is a big part of being successful.


  1. alam says

    Concept is good. But if you think you are not easy to anything, you have to attain it, you have to work on it for a few days. Then you will get the result.

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