10 Things We Can’t Have Without
the Other

One without the other is useless.

Because one without the other makes less sense than none at all…

Ideas rose in clouds; I felt them collide until pairs interlocked,
so to speak, making a stable combination.
– Jules H. Poincare

  1. Money without Labor – We do not value what we do not earn.
  2. Loyalty without Trust – Loyalty will vanish in the absence of trust.
  3. Appreciation without Education – We cannot fully appreciate what we do not fully understand.
  4. Wisdom without Experience – True wisdom is the product of many life experiences.
  5. Power without Checks and Balances – Unfettered power leads to greed and corruption.
  6. Business without Sincerity – Crooked businessmen are prison bound… if they’re lucky.
  7. Success without Sacrifice – Success doesn’t find us, we find it.
  8. Policy without Justification – Without justification, policy is just another form of tyranny.
  9. Happiness without Peace of Mind – A mind at ease is already pleased.
  10. Beginnings without Endings – A great, new beginning rises from another beginning’s end.

Agree?  Disagree?  Can you think of any more?

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  1. says

    Dualities! You would like a book by a poet friend of mine: http://www.prismind.com

    He has a list on his home page “Expressions
    of Quantum Complementarity, in Prism Theory”

    He’s in China now exploring a new life from the US state of mind…

  2. says

    I like point number 4 especially. “Wisdom without Experience – True wisdom is the product of many life experiences.” Wisdom does come from the experiences we face in life.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Personal Development Blogger

  3. says

    Though I don’t think all of these are necessarily true – I do like the concept behind it. Very unique.

    What sticks out in my mind is “wisdom without experience.” One can study wisdom, and the lives of others – and as a result gain it. More, one can prevent bad choices by learning about other peoples bad choices.

    Good post.

  4. says

    @Tim: LOL… Angel confuses me too at times.

    @CB: Thanks for the book tip. I’ll check it out.

    @Grace: Well stated. Nuff said.

    @Bamboo: Your point is a solid flip-side argument. However, I believe there is a difference between learned knowledge and experienced wisdom.

    And thanks for the other insightful comments all. 😉

  5. says

    I say frequently to friends with relationship porblems, “There can be no love where there is no trust, and there can be no trust where there is no vulerability”

  6. Teresa says

    Love the list! Disagree with #6 though, at least as written. Sincerity can be misguided if not built upon a foundation of strong principles. I would suggest Business without Integrity.

  7. says

    This is a great list and would to see an update after all the comments. How about two more:

    20. Life without death
    21. Joy without sadness

    xx. blogs without readers (joking)


  8. Phoebe says

    Courage without fear (courage is overcoming fear and doing it anyway; otherwise it’s just recklessness.)

    And I would say faith without doubt, for many of the same reasons.

  9. TimBuck2 says

    How about;

    Love without Forgiveness. Often we hurt or get hurt by others, love can not continue to exists with out forgiveness…

    Monday without Friday. The working stiffs love Friday but hate Monday.

    Great list!


  10. says

    “Beginnings without endings” seems realistic but maybe phrased in a slightly cynical manner. For a more “glass-half-full” / motivational approach, how about:

    No endings without beginnings

  11. says

    I love articles like this. Simple articles= most profound. This is definitely one of those. I like the business analogies. They are so true. I know of no one who hasn’t sacrificed, put in work, or had to be sincere.

    Many problems in society are related to the violation of these analogies. Don’t be one to make the mistake of violating them…you will lose.



  12. says

    Man without Woman. Without a Woman companion, a Man’s life is a total emptiness.

    A Lock without a Key. No Key means the Lock, no matter how good it is made, is a useless one.

    A party without girls. What is the use of partying if there are no girls in the first place.

  13. says

    Wisdom is NOT the sum total of experience. Wisdom is the search for truth. Actual truth, not just trying to reinforce something you already believe.
    A young man that is open minded and listens to many others with differing experiences will be far wiser than an old man who only thinks his own experience is valid.
    The search for truth is like finding a needle in a haystack. The best way is to roll around in it naked. Become bare to it, and accept that it will likely come painfully.

  14. Davius says

    I was thinking something like…

    Belief without Need -“Our beliefs are about our need for them more than they are about the truth”.

    Truth without Belief – “Truth and beliefs have nothing to do with reality”.

    might spark some debate :-)

  15. Seph says

    Note: The following is just my opinion.
    1. See any snobby rich kid who was born into fame, do you think they value money? Do you think they earned it?
    2.You don’t need trust to be loyal. There are many emotions that can be enough of a reason to fuel loyalty.
    3.Doesn’t make much sense at all to be honest…how many of you understand how when you flick the switch, the light comes on…be honest.
    4.You don’t need many(or any) life experiences to gain wisdom. A person teaching you lessons is as good as you experiencing those lessons yourself.
    5.False(my opinion once again). It is not the power that leads to corruption and greed, it is a weak willed individual that leads to corruption and greed. Think about it religiously, God is known to have absolute power…is God corrupt or greedy?
    6.Mmkay…so what about all the ones who were using some shady tactics but for a good cause? I.E. Rising up through the ranks of a company any means necessary to really make a change and a positive one at that, instead of letting the company rot away with a bad C.E.O.
    7.*sigh* How can you find something you’re not looking for? Success finds people all the time, can be from money finding its way into people’s hands to the love of your life having come to you when you needed them most in the past.
    8.Without justification, policy is policy without justification. May not be totally up forth and coming but it’s not as extreme as you make it sound.
    9.You can be happy but have your mind in total disarray. Take for instance you find your lover cheating on you, so you in turn cheat on them and they suddenly walk in on you and you see their heart breaking, you’re extremely happy you caused them pain but is your mind really at peace?
    10.Then tell me this: What beginning’s end sparked about the beginning of the universe?

  16. Michelle says

    You can’t have Joy without Pain. Unless you have truly suffered through loss or heartbreak or some other form of devastation that life brings to us all, you will never fully experience the sweet things when they come along.

    Kind of like the Yin without the Yang.
    Light without darkness.
    Good without the bad.
    Life is a two sided coin. In everything we experience.

    I am at an unfortunate stage of my life where I am suffering from unbearable heartbreak. Laying on the bathroom floor, uncontrollable, gut wrenching sobs kind of pain. I know that eventually it will pass & my grief will subside. I will laugh again. I will smile and feel joy again. But the pain, baby, the pain. I’m 45 years old and scared to death I’ll be alone for the rest of my life.

    The harder you grieve a loss I feel is a reflection of the impact that thing or that person had on your life. I was impacted to the depths of my soul & now my soul feels as if it’s been ripped from my body. The pain will pass, but for now I’m allowing it to wash over me because if I don’t, it will only stay lodged in my heart thus warding off any future joy.


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