We Dance Together Even When We
Are Apart

We Dance Together Always

A part of you has grown in me.  And so you see, it’s you and me together forever and never apart.  Maybe in distance, but never in heart.

The Running Soundtrack

For the last several days I’ve had the melody to a song I’ve only heard once or twice repeating over and over in the back of my mind.  I didn’t even know the lyrics, but my mind kept spinning the tune anyways.  This morning when I finally got around to looking up the lyrics, I smiled from ear to ear.  Because the song is perfectly suited to be the soundtrack to the past few wild weeks of my life.

And I think that’s one of the most extraordinary functions of the human brain – it thinks for us even when we’re not consciously thinking.  How is this possible?  Well, the scientific answer – which I’m always curious about – is that our brain is a sophisticated parallel processing system capable of intuitively assessing and reacting to data that our conscious mind is never even aware of.  Tuning into and playing the running soundtrack of our lives is only a small example of our unconscious mind’s true potential.

But despite my love for science, I don’t always want or need a scientific explanation for every little thing that happens in life.  When just the right thing happens at just the right moment, I simply want to believe that it was meant to be.  And even when complications arise, I want to believe that these complications are necessary evils – necessary because they force us to learn, adapt and overcome.  Which is, I think, a big part of why we’re here in the first place.


This afternoon I walked to a local park with my laptop to get some work done in the fresh air.  But after a short time, I was distracted by a young boy entertaining himself with nothing more than a wooden stick and his imagination.  And it brought me back to a simpler time.  You know… that time during our youth when we weren’t scared to dream without reason.  Just watching him was a soothing experience – a reminder that we, as adults, occasionally need to overcome the precincts of maturity and just let our imaginations run free.  It was a healthy distraction to say the least.

Anyway, once I became conscious of the fact that I was getting no work done, I walked back home and sat down at my computer desk.  And I suddenly realized the melody that had been spinning in my head like a broken record had finally ceased.  Satisfied by this newfound mental silence, I got to work.  But before long, the absent melody was replaced by an overbearing, mouth watering craving for chocolate cake.  And the weird thing is, I usually don’t eat sweets.

After a few moments of contemplation, I decided that going to the grocery store to get a chocolate cake was a silly idea.  “You can eat chocolate cake later,” I thought to myself.  “But right now, you need to finish your work.”  So I did just that… I got back to work.


And I had almost completely forgotten about the chocolate cake until Angel came home an hour later with a to-go box from a restaurant.  She placed the to-go box on my desk and said, “Hey sweetie, my coworkers and I went out to lunch this afternoon and my eyes were bigger than my stomach.  So I figured I’d bring the leftovers home for you to snack on.”  I opened the lid of the to-go box to find a quarter of a turkey panini and a small slice of chocolate cake.

I laughed out loud.  Certainly, there are plenty of valid explanations for this kind of synchronicity.  The most basic being that when we are tuned into our feelings (a craving for example) and truly aware of our environment (actually opening the to-go box), these synchronous coincidences will seem to occur more often.  But as I stated earlier, even though I am fascinated by the science, I sometimes prefer to live in a more magical, philosophical world.

So my explanation, which needs no substantiation from any source other than my own life experience, is that when people are connected, I mean truly connected both emotionally and intellectually, the melody to a common soundtrack is always playing in the back of our minds.  And when we choose to listen to the music, and dance, we dance together even when we are apart.

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  1. says

    Hi Marc,

    I also gave up on thinking why synchronicity works or if it is real. It just works. If you have an open mindset and listen to your inner voice, your subconscious or whatever is out there magic will happen. The more you are aware of this and train it, the more it will happen.

    Klaus Tol

  2. mark~vh says

    Nice observations – my sweetheart & I both read this and shared a knowing smile (and then a big hug) yes synchronicity has puzzled and pleased many over the ages – CG Jung was more than fascinated… to say the least… I contend in RE your comments that science, magic and philosophy do not have exclude each other… science is a wonderful way to quantify and report on reproducible phenomena but magic is what gives life that special “zing” does it not? – Dwell in possibility! Look around, something miraculous is undoubtedly happening quite near you right this moment. *There it goes again! Just say Wow!

  3. says

    That connection is a thing of beauty. It is like the other’s spirit, mind, and body is within you.

    One day, science will catch up with this experiential knowledge and ability, but hopefully, not before people as a whole are ready for it.


  4. says

    I love the way you weave stories. I personally love living a more magical whimsical life, without worrying too much about the science. I mean, we’re all connected after all, so it’s not that weird to see these “coincidences” taking place.

    P.S. I think it’s incredible that your craving turned out like that. 😉

  5. Old Wise One says

    Inspiring , provocative components that start with the involuntary memory of the song. You might have included a sentence about the “past few wild weeks of my life”. The idea of a “Running Soundtrack” (again your influence from film) is a great metaphor to suggest that we pay attention to the messages and value of our subconscious.

    Breaking the piece down into mini-chapters allows the reader to identify with the separate pieces of your experience, because our life experiences do come at us as separate scenes of a documentary reality movie which require a process of rewriting, listening, reflection in order to make meaning from the script.

    “Distracted”, especially the first paragraph, is a tour-de-force anecdote – watching the boy which brings back a “simpler time of youth unafraid to dream without reason”. You allow the reader to draw a lesson from this without forcing it.

    I like the contrast between scientific explanations and just plain old fashioned heightened ( Buddhist ?) awareness which honors the influence of the subconscious. The reader is welcomed into your film to see how you are making meaning from your experience. “Yes”, the reader says, “ that makes sense to me. The complications in my life are necessary evils also, from which I can learn , adapt and overcome”.

    In the rewrite, would you take out the Panini and make the chocolate cake bigger?

  6. says

    Hi Marc. I don’t always have to have a scientific explanation either. However, one of my passions is often seeking them. Sometimes I’m just not satisfied with the mystical connectedness stuff. I don’t think understanding takes any of the magic out of it. On the contrary, I think it makes it more wonderful and magical to discover the beauty of an explanation rather than just say “the universe did it”, but I realize this varies from person to person.

    In any case I loved this story and we all love stories because that’s the way the universe made us :-)

  7. says

    I am happy to find this idea exposed here. I have had this kind of experience and did not know how to comment on it. Thanks.

    Concerning the “Distracted” comment on “a boy´s view” I suggest you read this book:
    – When I Am Little Again and The Child’s Right to Respect by Korczak Janusz.

  8. says

    You left me wondering…what was the song?
    But other than that, I love this post. I tend to put more emphasis on the magic and philosophy, because it leaves a beauty in the synchronicity. Connectivity doesn’t have to be explained; it should simply be appreciated!

  9. says

    Well-written post. I enjoyed the sentiment. I feel that way with my husband sometimes, that we are on the same page even when apart.

    I also enjoy being open to connections in our environment. Very often, I hear a message on the radio or in a book that completely addresses a problem or issue I’ve been pondering. I always try to wait a day or two before solving a problem, publishing a theory, etc., to make sure all the connections are thought through.

  10. says

    Mom always says the law of attraction rules everything. If any of my family wants something, she insists on focusing on whatever you want, and it will come to you…

    I don’t want to believe it, because it sounds and feels silly. But I can’t deny that life is full of big coincidences, sometimes TOO big to be just that, coincidences.

    Man, i really like your posts. I always recommend them. Cheers!

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