Why Winners Win and Losers Lose

Winners vs. Losers

We all want to be winners.  We all want to succeed.  So why then do so many of us struggle indefinitely and come up short?  It has something to do with how we think, what we focus on, and how we live each moment.

Here are a few ideas on why winners win and losers lose.

  • Losers fail once and quit.  Winners fail a thousand times and eventually succeed.
  • Losers look for success at the finish line.  Winners experience success along the way.
  • Losers work to make money.  Winners work to make a difference.
  • Losers buy things.  Winners build things.
  • Losers see things they don’t understand and get discouraged.  Winners see things they don’t understand and get curious.
  • Losers talk.  Winners communicate.
  • Losers attempt to conquer the world in one shot.  Winners add up all their small victories.
  • Losers expect certain outcomes.  Winners prepare themselves for the unexpected.
  • Losers seek respect.  Winners earn respect.
  • Losers stare at the problem.  Winners look around for the solution.
  • Losers review options.  Winners act on decisions.
  • Losers are paid for their time.  Winners are paid for their results.
  • Losers let things happen.  Winners make things happen.
  • Losers want to get ahead of others.  Winners help others get ahead too.
  • Losers hangout with losers.  Winners hangout with winners who are more successful than they are.
  • Losers follow other people’s definitions of success.  Winners define their own success.
  • Losers escape fears.  Winners face fears.
  • Losers waste their free time (watching TV).  Winners use their free time (learning or experiencing something new).
  • Losers see the unknown as a risk.  Winners see constant familiarity as a risk.
  • Losers live in the past.  Winners live life now based on lessons learned in the past.
  • Losers label themselves as experts.  Winners know there is still much to learn.
  • Losers over-sell.  Winners over-deliver.
  • Losers frown.  Winners smile.
  • Losers think winners are lucky.  Winners realize the harder they work the luckier they are.

What did I leave off the list?  What qualities do you think separate successful people from everyone else?

Photo by: Yasin Hassan


  1. so do you says

    nøw i knøw!! 😀
    can i add søme? ü
    – losers visualize the penalties of failure.
    – winners visualize the reward of success.
    ‘Dr. Rob gilbert

    .. WM

  2. Gabrielle says

    I think we all are losers at times because let’s face it NO ONE IS PERFECT (<– in capitals to emphasise not shout). Just because one knows they are loser and is critical of themselves doesn’t make them more of a loser. It doesn’t change anything. For better or worse. What are they supposed to do really? Think high of themselves as losers? Some do. They’re a loser either way. Not unless they put in the effort to win. I think if you really honestly do try your best and still fail, you’re not a loser. To be YOUR best is good enough. Nevermind trying to be THE best.

    But hey. Then again. THIS IS A GREAT LIST. It tells us why we lose and why we win. I think losers like me can learn from this. Thanks!

  3. tiffany david says

    I’m glad to see that these posts reveal the problem and provide a solution.

    Losers talk about their achievements. Winners let their achievements talk.

  4. Sidi says

    Finally! Someone made a list!! Thank you for this post. It’s a way of life I couldn’t quite put into words. Well done.

  5. Eric says

    Winners look for solutions to problems; losers just make excuses and their problems never go away–they only get worse than they should be.

  6. VPE says

    No one I have ever met, even the “losers”, want to be “losers”. There are so many factors that come into play. Our childhood and families play a big role in how we eventually handle the many things life throws our way. Some people don’t have families, but who they associated with as children plus their own predisposed personality or genetic traits are also important topics. I would love to see the things addressed on this site. Different perspectives sometimes are key to understanding the whole picture.

  7. Wittbelle says

    Instead of giving the negative even a brief mention, I would like to see all of these distinctions transformed into edicts; for example, instead of, “Losers don’t bathe. Winners take pride in their hygiene.”
    How about: “Take pride in your hygiene.” Done.

  8. Lisa says

    Losers see themselves as losers. Winners see themselves as potential winners.

    Losers seek outside sources of feel-good (other people, alcohol, drugs, TV, gaming…), Winners seek internal sources (motivation, discipline, healthy living, positive self-talk, and getting things done)

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