40 Questions Everyone is Afraid to Ask

Questions We Are Too Afraid to Ask

Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.

…because asking the right questions is the answer.


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


Thought Questions


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Thought Questions


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Thought Questions


Thought Questions

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Title photo by: Colin Kinner
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  1. Francisco Pedro says

    All these lead us to reflect on our lives, and how short it is. For me it was a good reflection!

  2. Jerry Hislip says

    Marc and Angel,

    This has got to be one of your best posts ever. The reason I listed my comment as I did was because I think I’ve broken all of your questions and what they stand for at one time or another. I’m 75 years young and a recovering Alcoholic also was doing uppers and downers drugs but I’ve enjoyed 30 years of sobriety—-I found God when I was 50, had a very loving and supportive family and the rest is history! These 40 questions have been most refreshing! I hope everyone loved your post as much as I did! Thank you for coming into my life! Sorry to ramble on.

  3. Jeff says

    Wow, number 10… what a powerful sentence.

    Such simple questions have such different perspective. Thanks for everything, I come to this blog every time I need a new angle on life.

  4. says

    I love all your posts. I hope there are really two people here named Marc and Angel, because knowing positive people like you exist helps me. Mahalo for your generosity and positivity… I share your posts with a lot with others.

  5. Isbn Nimako says

    These are awakening questions. They tend to trigger some things that have been kind of dormant in our minds for some time now. Thumbs up guys.

  6. L.ardura says

    reply to 21. I want him to be happy, and I like him the way he is. I wouldn’t change a thing. But if I have to choose, I choose intelligence.

    Thank you for your posts.

  7. joey says

    Wow, I can relate to a lot these questions. They make me think. I guess that’s good and sad.

  8. Karen says

    These are questions I/we can ask ourselves everyday. This is the first step and we can only take one step at a time. Read and take action constantly. That is life.

  9. amping22 says

    i stumbled upon your website today and what i found out is truly a treasure worth every second of my time. spent the whole day going through your articles. thanks for sharing all those wonderful stories, questions and much needed write-ups that not only provide inspiration but could turn a life around.

  10. Prisma S says

    A few years ago I would’ve not been able to answer these questions or I probably would’ve given some vague answer. Today, though, I have answered them very genuinely and I understand that I’m in a time dedicated to study, self discovery and spiritual development. Answering these questions helped me to understand that my life’s journey will take me to where I need it to and I’m ready…

  11. says

    This is awesome! What hit me the most is “Are you holding on to something that you need to let go of?”

    It hit home because I have been holding on to my relationship that has since ended, and I just realized that it’s time for new experiences!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Amy says

    These are really great questions we need to constantly remind ourselves.

    Thank you for creating this website and sharing all the quotes, questions, and stories, really enjoy and love it~ =D

  13. lilly says

    Wonderful questions all. How to get to the answers is quite hard and what to do when you get there is fraught with difficulties. How many people are trapped no matter the dream. It is an awful feeling, and wishing does not pay the rent.

  14. Elin says

    All of these questions are so nerve wracking. I have wanted to travel to so many places for so long… and I’ve wanted to live for myself and love myself. But all of that requires a lot of money, and I need money for “stability” in today’s society… I feel so stuck.

  15. Vinod Sharma says

    Many are hard to answer, but a very good list for Self-Improvement. Everyone should write the answers to these questions every year to assess and notice the change.

  16. matrix817 says

    Live life to the fullest and focus on the present, the not past or future. Live in the moment and make the best of what you have or don’t have. If you live inside your mind all the time you will miss out on life. Get out and live, work, play and be among people who enjoy your company. Optimism, is just as contagious and pessimism. Be careful!

  17. says

    Wow… what fabulous thought provoking pics. Amazing. This should be a book… Or a poster series on my wall. A fabulous recipe and balance of life activities.

  18. says

    These are all really great, but the fourth question was a big revelation for me. We constantly put ourselves down or have a negative outlook on ourselves, but we see that as okay because that’s just how we are. However, if another person treated us that exact same way, we would hate them and think of them as one of the worst people that we know. It’s really strange to think of what we will take from ourselves, but not put up with from others.

  19. Anonymous21 says

    On question 21, I would rather my child be less attractive and more intelligent. In the end, it only matters what’s on the inside, not the outside.

  20. Wine Guy says

    #27…. if it had come first, I would’ve stopped reading then.

    As it is, I stopped reading at #27.

  21. Anne says

    Interesting questions. I think I’ll store this for a journaling resource. In going through the comments I can definitely see that where I am in my life has made my answers different than some of these folks at different points. I remember worrying about college and getting a job. Now I worry about doing right by my kids and helping them be successful adults. And worse than death: losing a child. I would definitely rather my children be less attractive and more intelligent. I’m not beauty queen, but I have a loving husband who is as attracted to my brain as my face.

    Oddly, going through these questions made me feel very good about where I am in my life and the choices I’ve been making. That is a nice change from some past me’s.

  22. Cosmo says

    Makes you want to be a better person, asap. Kind of a reality check, it helped me remember not to stress about many things in this world. Good questions all around.

  23. Karl says

    Here’s a great saying that I begin my day with:
    “Yesterday is but a memory, Tomorrow is a vision,
    But, Today well lived, will make every Yesterday
    A memory of happiness and
    Every Tomorrow a vision of hope –
    Look well, therefore, to this day!
    Kobo Daishi, Buddhist Master

  24. equestrienne8 says

    These are very provocative – twingy feelings in the solar-plexus kind of provocative. It is good to check in against the dark forces of denial!! Thank you Marc and Angel for being in my life, it is always refreshing and interesting reading your blog.

  25. Colton says

    Some of those questions – well, lots of them were kind of a slap in the face saying, “Get it together man!” Although I’ve had those thoughts in the back of my mind for a very long time, I’ve always just pushed them out of the way…

  26. Cy Serom says

    No. 36, keeps bothering me every night. I want to speak it out. I want to quit my job. I just don’t know how and when is the right time. :/

  27. Z3c4 says

    All of these questions are so great…I am reading them again, again, and again….and finally I have started changing from who I was. Thanks so much for posting this!

  28. says

    Wow, great read and life has changed for me in the last 6 months and I’ve had to learn a lot about myself and reflect on what I want out of my life. These were great questions to ponder and answer!

  29. Ben says

    I’ve got a few questions..
    Most of us relate or get all emotional about these questions..
    Does that mean that most of us are looking for a purpose or a reason or a incentive to keep going? Are we looking for something or someone? Are we bored, confused and just curious for something/anything else?
    Or maybe I’m just being negative..
    Anyway, thanks for opening some new doors…

  30. Stephen says

    I actually do have a question myself:
    What is the reason that as far as I can tell you have not replied to any of the comments?


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