One Thing You Can Do for the World Today

IMAGINE a world where you have…

…an endless number of ways to feel alive…


…trillions of reasons to never be bored…


…an infinite number of beautiful things to create…


…already so many beautiful things to behold…


…and 7 billion crazy characters to play along with.


As you know, this is your world.

It’s filled with more potential for pleasure, love, glory, beauty and bliss than can be comprehended.

It even surprises you with misfortune so you can experience the full range of your explosive emotions, and so the good things are that much sweeter.

Even better, nothing great comes easily.  That would be hopelessly boring.  You have thrilling hurdles to overcome around every corner in order to achieve greatness in this world.

The icing on the cake is that it doesn’t go on forever.  How special would anything be if you had an eternity to achieve it?  How precious would life be?

This world – this life – is amazing!  It is perfect just the way it is.

So please, stop taking life for granted.  Instead, focus on being a force for love, for change, for questioning what is right, for re-questioning when you must, and for the diehard belief in the goodness of people.

Go forth today and…



  1. says

    “Even better, nothing great comes easily. That would be hopelessly boring. You have thrilling hurdles to overcome around every corner in order to achieve greatness in this world.”

    Nothing could be closer to the truth. And every hurdle is indeed worth it. Thank you for another inspiring dose of postivity.

  2. bajarbattu says

    A very positive and uplifting and “for our times” message. Thank you for this one.

    Blessed be,

    Much love, light and laughter,

  3. Lydia says

    I think the contributions positive ideas here, can build a new beginning for both young and old. Start today and make a difference.

  4. Rosana says

    Thanks. You are really changing my life and I’m sure a lot of more lives. This article completely changed my mood today.


  5. Cindy says

    That put a big smile on my face and brought tears to my eyes… Thank you very very much. You’re such an inspiration!

  6. jeevaruthnam says

    You people are truly inspirational,y ou might not realize it but you give so many people hope to go on and on. I thank for my sleep-full nights. Blessings are working through you both.

  7. Patti Joyce says

    Treat each day like it’s your birthday – and a gift to the world.
    Thank you Marc and Angel for your inspiration.

  8. Rae says

    Hello Marc and Angel
    This is really beautiful , I’m an eternal optomist and yes I agree this world has many wonders to behold. Thank you so much .

  9. says

    “It even surprises you with misfortune so you can experience the full range of your explosive emotions, and so the good things are that much sweeter.”

    I can’t express how true that this is for me. After over a decade of infertility and loss, I am finally a mom. I just wrote a post on how much I appreciate those little moments of parenthood that others might take for granted. I appreciate every little detail because I thought I might never get to experience these things. I am like Charlie in the chocolate factory. It’s an amazing journey. You have, and continue to give me so much inspiration.

    I love this blog. Thank you!

  10. Karin says

    Thank you, what a beautiful gift I receive from you every time I open one of your emails. Today’s just touched my soul. I am RARELY down, but today I was… and this so perfect and beautiful post, like someone who loves me, took my hand and guided me towards the sun, joy, and knowledge that I am not alone. Like someone who loves me, it showed me that I am needed and that I do have the power to make a difference. Marc & Angel may God bless you.

  11. drw says

    Loved the images that you chose to share, so full of emotion and action. The last image was very moving. Don’t think I’ll forget that one for a long time, haunting almost. Makes me want to know if the gift was accepted. Sorry, I realize the point is that the man saw the need and wants to fill it. Thanks guys :)

  12. says

    “Endless ways to feel alive” and “trillions of reasons to never be bored”. Initially I thought this post was going to be about how we trade feeling alive for simply not being bored… because TV and cheeseburgers are easier. Ha! Would have been interesting to explore that too, but great post anyways. We live in a huge world, let’s make it better :)

  13. Shannon says

    Your posts are always so inspirational and always seem to speak to what I so often need to hear! Thank you for helping me keep such a positive outlook on life.

  14. Susan says

    Thank you so much for this fantastic post.
    You make us see the world with different eyes and appreciate its value.

  15. Cindy says

    How amazing… I took a break from work and started trying to find out the source of a picture that has been on my mind for awhile… than I end up here, and there’s even one of my comments above.

    Does anyone know the source of that “be the change you want to see” picture? Thank you. :)


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