9 Beliefs You Need to Succeed at Anything

9 Beliefs You Need to Succeed at Anything

What you believe either weakens you or makes you stronger.

The foundation of success is not a set of achievements or a combination of external factors; it is a mindset.  Success is an attitude that comes from a framework of powerful beliefs and empowering thoughts.  Because what you think and believe about your life largely determines how you feel (your attitude), what actions you take (your behavior), and what you achieve (the end result.)

I’m fortunate enough to know a number of remarkably successful people.  Regardless of their profession or life passions, I’ve noticed they all share nine common beliefs.

And they act on these beliefs every day:

1.  “The problems I face are opportunities.”

The problems and challenges you face are not there to stop you.  Their purpose is to bring your commitment to the surface where it can come wholly and forcefully to life.

The challenges that are the most difficult are often the ones that create the greatest positive difference.  Situations with the most formidable problems are where you unearth your greatest opportunities.

The only question is:  Are you willing to do what it takes?  Read Think and Grow Rich.

2.  “What’s important is creating value.”

Do something you are proud of.  Instead of struggling to get one up on everyone else, raise your awareness to the point where the competition becomes insignificant.  Get in the habit of creating real value, and you won’t feel the need to take anything away from others.

To be truly effective be sincere and helpful.  Find satisfaction and fulfillment in making a difference and pulling all of life forward with you.

3.  “I can’t anticipate everything, and that’s okay.”

There’s a difference between being prepared and being scared.

There’s much you can gain by planning and preparing, by anticipating what is most likely to happen and being ready for it.  Yet there is no reason to be paralyzed by over-thinking and endless worry, because you have what it takes to handle even the most unexpected setbacks.

And no matter how well you plan, not everything can be anticipated anyway, and that’s actually a good thing.  Sometimes when a roadblock forces you in a different direction, you cross paths with the opportunity of a lifetime.

4.  “My fears are often an indication that something is worth doing.”

Do not to be afraid of your fears.  Your fears are not here to scare you; they’re here to let you know that something you’re thinking about and considering is worth doing.

If you always feel afraid, it means that there are lots of things worth doing – lots of worthy options called opportunities.  It’s time to pick one and take a chance.

5.  “Passions and goals must be self-set.”

Just because someone tells you that you can’t do something doesn’t mean you have to let their opinion become your reality.  If you spend too much time reacting and responding to everyone else, you will lose YOUR direction in life.  These other people’s opinions, problems and wants will end up setting the course for your life.

So take a stand right now and say this to yourself out loud:  “It is OK for me to think about and identify what I want for myself.”  If you live by this statement, remarkable things will take place in your life.

6.  “My time is sacred.”

Maybe you can afford to procrastinate.  Maybe for you there’s a tomorrow.  Maybe for you there’s a thousand tomorrows, or ten thousand, or more.  Maybe you have so much time ahead of you that you can afford to spend it frivolously and foolishly without losing sleep.  There’s a whole lifetime worth of minutes you can waste.  Maybe…

But maybe not.  For some of us – perhaps for you or someone you love – there’s only today.  And the truth is, you never really know.  Read Eat That Frog!

7.  “Positive results are the outcome of positive daily actions.”

Your real religion is how you spend the majority of your time – what you do and think about on and daily basis long after the sermon has ended.  Do something that makes you proud.  Start walking the talk.  Make your strategic plan:  DOING THINGS THAT MATTER!

You don’t need a new year to make a change; all you need is today.  Make this the moment you start changing your life.

8.  “Perfection is a fantasy.”

Understanding the difference between healthy striving and striving for perfection is critical to laying down unnecessary weight and picking up your life.  Perfectionism hampers happiness and success.  It’s the path to depression, anxiety, addiction and life paralysis.

And this is true for your relationships as well…

Judge less, love more.  Flaws are features.  You don’t know a single perfect person, they don’t exist.  Who you do know are a bunch of flawed people who are still worth appreciating and loving.  If you try to avoid people for their little idiosyncrasies and shortcomings, this world will be a lonely place for you.  Read Personal Development for Smart People.

9.  “I am 100% responsible for my life.”

It’s easy to blame someone else for your troubles, but it doesn’t resolve anything.  Sure, at first it might seem reasonable to expect your problems to be solved by those who helped create them, but stop and think about it.  Do you want to give the people who created past problems for you any additional control over your future?

To move your life forward you must be willing to take full responsibility for it.  That means moving past what’s easy and accepting that you’re going to have to do things for yourself.  Perhaps life has given you a burden you don’t deserve.  Instead of seeing this as an excuse to give up, see it as an opportunity to take charge and give it all you’ve got.

You are stronger and more capable than you think.

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  1. Eric says

    Thank you for this article and blog. I’ve read two entries and it’s already given me a lot to think about as I establish my goals for the year ahead. Thank you. I sincerely appreciate it.

  2. Brian says

    Can’t tell you how helpful ALL of your thoughts and writings are. They have helped me find way during a time of great difficulty.

  3. says

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your lists of advice. It’s good to review these kinds of things going in to the new year.

    If I may, I would add ‘finding balance in life’ to this list. That can be tricky in today’s face paced, results oriented world. But when it comes to family and work, there simply has to be a balance that doesn’t short change the kids!

  4. Claire Bear says

    Great advice!! Thanks for the concise explanation of each successful belief. I can’t wait to work on all of them. That’s always been my goal- “Keep reaching, keep learning, never stop trying to get better.”

    Also, enjoying your 1,000 Little Things ebook. Congrats on getting it together. Taking it with me on the road for a New Years vacation.

  5. says

    I am feeling stronger and more capable after reading this article :) Although I have learned about these points before, these continuous reminders do wonders Marc. I feel more positive every time I read your words. Thanks for being there :)

  6. says

    Success really does start with a mind-set. It’s a hard truth that many prefer to keep themselves blind to. It entails accepting uncertainty and responsibilty.

    But embracing the success oriented mind-set can also be freeing. It means you will no longer run from your fears . . . you will seek them out. You will no longer blame the world for your troubles . . . you will admit your error.

    Once you’ve turned the corner, you’ll see that success is not in some far off land of fantasy, it’s right up the road.


  7. Oballa Teddy Brian says

    Success is taking one step at a time. Just cross the bridge when you get there. Make a star out of yourself.

  8. says

    Success is bathing under the fresh beam of light coming from the bulging sun from the sunrise. It is more refreshing and enjoyable only after a person has gone through night of pain and hardwork. It is exactly a person’s mindset which percieves a night as dark and lonely or an opportunity to awaken the sunrise.

  9. says

    I just love the insightful points you all add to the conversation. Trevor and Ishan hit the nail on the head this time! Thanks guys!

    Also, thanks to Claire and Aya and everyone else who has checked out our brand new 1,000 Little Things ebook.

    And of course, Angel and I hope everyone is having a peaceful and productive final week of the year.

  10. says

    I try to live my life with these things in mind. Especially being 100% responsible for myself. I hate it when people blame everyone else for their own problems. Even when there might be some outside blame, you are always better off worrying about things that you can actually change.

  11. says

    In regards to the first point, a great thing to think is: There is no such thing as failure, only feedback. I think it’s Tony Robbins who I’m quoting there, but do correct me if that’s not so!

    It also bugs me when some people will never take the blame, they never even take an ounce of responsibility. Maybe one day they’ll come across this blog and learn to succeed themselves! :)

  12. says

    For the first time in a long time, I have enjoyed reading a list. Your list here for this post. All of it make such wonderful common sense to me. I especially like #6 (about time) and #7 (about being positive).

  13. Elizabeth says

    Thank you for #8.
    The world is becoming a lonely place for me, without me even realizing it. I have a tendency to avoid people who are “flawed”, in my pursuit of my own “perfection”.
    I have never looked at it in this way. Thank you, as usual, for helping me see another perspective.

  14. Pradeep says

    I just wanted to let you know that you run the best motivational blog I read. The topics and every single word you write in your post works like a drop of lifeblood into my professional career… Please write more on positive attitude and thoughts.

  15. May says

    Thank you for this. I always check this blog every day. Number #9 is my favorite. ‘You are stronger and more capable than you think. ‘ I determine who I wanna be and this is how I am going to think and live my life.

  16. Sandra says

    I don’t know how I stumbled onto your website, but I am glad I did. Reading your e-mails are like a breath of fresh air. I love reading your short and sweet reinforcing positive words. Bless you both, you are both angels. Thank you for making a difference.

  17. says

    These suggestions are extremely powerful especially at this time of year.

    “Positive results are the outcome of positive daily actions.”

    I love this. This is what drives me everyday. I’ve read somewhere before that if you surrounded yourself with negative people it will hinder your ability to think positive. Your brain reacts to it and made it less likely to perform creative tasks better.

    Thanks for writing such a great article.


  1. I want to tell you how much your posts mean to me. Your words are keeping me positive, joyful and filled with purpose in my life. Thank you for your sharing your unique and special gifts with the world. You are making a difference to me.

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