4 Powerful Truths YOU Should Know

I know you’re reading this and I want you to know this video is for you.  Others will be confused.  They will think it’s for them.  But it’s not.

This one is for YOU…

The 4 Truths (video transcript):

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1.  You have many reasons to smile.

I want you to know that life is not always easy.  Every day can be an unpredictable challenge.  Some days it can be difficult just to get out of bed in the morning, to face reality and put on that smile.  But I want you to know that your smile has kept Angel and I going on more days than I can count.  Never forget that, even when times get tough, as they sometimes will, you are incredible, you really are.

So please smile more often.  You have so many reasons to.  Time and time again, our reason is you.

2.  We are all in this together.

You won’t always be perfect and neither will we.  Because nobody is perfect, and nobody deserves to be perfect.  Everybody has issues.  Nobody has it easy.  You will never know exactly what we’re going through, and we will never know exactly what you’re going through.  We are all fighting our own personal war.

But we are fighting through it simultaneously, together.

3.  You are amazing just the way you are.

If someone discredits you and tells you that you can’t do something, keep in mind that they are speaking from within the boundaries of their own limitations.  In this crazy world that’s trying to make you like everyone else, find the courage to keep being your awesome self.  And when they laugh at you for being different, go ahead and laugh back at them for being the same.

4.  Life isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty darn good.

Remember, our courage doesn’t always roar aloud.  Sometimes it’s the quiet voice at the end of the day whispering, “I will try again tomorrow.”  So stand strong.  Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out.

And we are committed to making the best of it along with you.

The floor is yours…

1.  So what did you think of the video?  Is this something Marc and I should do more often?  Perhaps a monthly video blog…

2.  What are you struggling with right now that you would like us to cover in future videos or articles?

Please leave a comment below and let us know.

Note:  We want to thank Caleb Wojcik for assisting us with the video production.  If you are looking for a talented, experienced videographer to cover a big event, or if you just need videography assistance/advice, be sure to contact him.


  1. says

    Video blogging in my opinion is the BEST way to go. People will connect with your words way more when they have a face and a voice to go with them. It is the direction that the internet is going. I use it in my blog and have seen my viewership sky rocket. Keep up the great work!

  2. says

    Yes definitely. I think you should do more videos. Nice to see the awesome “real people” behind the blog that has helped so many including myself. Your inspirational blog has affected me in so many ways so I thought I would give back by sharing something else I find inspiration in. It’s Ted.com As you may know, this is a website where people give inspirational talks. One I saw recently really touched me and so I thought you all might like to check it out. It’s by Phil Hansen and it’s called “Embrace the Shake”. Essentially it talks about embracing and accepting those limitations we find stopping us in our daily lives and using them to be extraordinary. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Linked to my name above. Enjoy! And thank you Marc and Angel!

  3. Pat says

    The Lord works in strange & mysterious ways!!! I was at an all time low point in my life… lost my income, living with a relative and was just informed that unemployment has been denied. I haven’t been following the posts and have been deleting everything except job prospects on my email . I accidentally clicked this email open and read the lead in… this video’s for you…. and had to see it all.

    THANK YOU for the inspiration, for the positive spin, for your efforts. You’ve lifted me up if only for a moment.

  4. Bobby love says

    You guys make me smile everyday at least once! Have another one ***smiles*** I love the video blog idea!

    I survive mental awesomeness (illness) and generalize anxieties daily, I would love to see more info in changing negative thought patterns and acceptance of struggles. We have the ability to process 60000 thoughts a day and 59999 of them can be negative :( get positive people!!!! Xoxoxo love you guys! MBL

  5. du says

    Hi, I would love it if you two could talk about heart break… how to get thru it and overcome it, how to keep moving forward, how to keep the destructive thoughts and feelings at bay, how to keep hope of loving alive, etc… I’m going thru this right now and it’s very difficult. Every day is a struggle, and I could definitely use some advice in this area.

  6. JS says

    Big numbers of responses = you have hit a nerve! I see I am not alone in being so deeply touched. You upped the ante with such a personal and warm message. Thank you, thank you.

    Possible topics:
    Leaving a relationship in a respectful and compassionate way
    Standing your ground (within a relationship)
    Permission to excel (where others around you have failed or at least not gotten as far)
    Seeing/hearing/feeling yourself (your behaviors) from the perspective of the other person
    If I were 40 years older than I am right now
    If I can be 7 years old again today
    How do I want to be remembered? and by whom?

    Good reads for material (some are “heavy”):
    Melody Beattie, Codependent No More
    Tony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within (or audio)
    Brian Tracy, The Power of Clarity ( or audio)
    Judith Herman, Trauma and Recovery
    McKay and Fanning, Prisoners of Belief
    Cline and Fay, Love and Logic

    Again, thank you for the miracle that is your post. As Rebecca aptly put it “Keep being the awesome YOU! You’re doing great deeds that I know you hope for but it’s happening at levels that you could probably never fathom.”

  7. Wendy Walker says

    Hi you two,
    Nice to put faces with your names. Thanks for your writings, I read them often and many days they make my day brighter. Your post today reminded me of something that I thought I’d share back with you.


    COMPASSION by Miller Williams:

    Have compassion for everyone you meet even if they don’t want it.
    What seems conceit, bad manners, or cynicism is always a sign of things no ears have heard, no eyes have seen.
    You do not know what wars are going on down there where the spirit meets the bone.

  8. Linda Sand says

    I’m a new reader and love your messages. I liked the video but am very glad you also included a transcript. I often read blogs while my husband is sleeping so having the transcript means I can read now and not have to remember to watch later.

  9. suzie says

    Loved it.
    As for topics, addiction is a biggie.
    We all have ourselves and/or loved ones who struggle with it.
    Women for Sobriety is a wonderful resource for the females in your following.

  10. says

    I sooo needed this today! I’ve been a faithful reader of M&A for nearly two years now, and I LOVE the video concept! I hope you two make this a regular feature. Outstanding :-)

  11. Robert Marere says

    Thank you. . . . I love the video keep it up.

    You have no idea how many people you save, you inspire, you help. From the bottom of my heart… Thank you Marc and Angel.

    God Bless

  12. Jain says

    I was disappointed in the video. I envision the two of you sitting on a rocky mountaintop, dressed in white robes, beatific smiles on your faces. 😉

    You are my gurus and I look forward to every new post. And I actually loved the video and hope to see more!

  13. Michael Valenti says

    You’re doing great work and I am sorry I didn’t buy your book yet, but these small doses of wisdom are actually maybe more efficient than a whole book.

    Also I personally get more out of the written words than the video. They sink in deeper and the triggered inside reactions are become conscious easier than with the video where I am concentrating on listening to the outside.

    But you should put the videos on youtube and use them to advertise the website and the book.

    I wish you much, much success and financial rewards, because you really help to change the world one person at a time.

    I’m sure I’ll soon buy the book, but will keep reading your online messages.

    Thanks again, Michael

  14. Xynex says

    Thank you Marc and Angel. Every morning before I start my work I am excited to read your blog because it inspires me. God bless you more. :-)

  15. DW says

    Maybe you could tackle some light, practical issues:
    1- Machines we need to master and how to get access to help
    2 How to impress your boss daily, as much or more than you did when you were hired
    3 – Promises we should keep
    4 – How to recognize our biggest asset
    5 – Ingredients of effective learning space

    Thank you.

  16. Aliza says

    Dear Marc and Angel,

    Thank you. After a rough day, this video was exactly what I needed. The perfect words at the perfect time. You give me hope.

    Also, I loved that you did a video this time!


  17. says

    You are always exactly what I need at the end of a hard day! You give me a reason to smile and feel encouraged. Truly a great gift that both of you have. And yes, the video was terrific and I would love to see more!

  18. says

    Love the encouraging video! It’s nice to see more of you after reading your powerful messages for a few years now.

    I also appreciate the video transcript. Most days I prefer reading posts to watching (long) clips, so this is a nice gesture to your regular readers, thank you!

  19. jazzmum says

    Thank you for the message in the video, it’s just what was needed today. I always find your articles so inspiring. Keep doing what you’re doing :)

  20. Buddy says

    Video was perfect! Not too long, but poignant and heartfelt. Thanks so much for what you do. You two really do make a difference!

  21. Susan says

    Loved the video! It was a pleasure to get to know you this way & get a sneak peek into your lives. I love you both even more now!!! A monthly video would be a terrific addition to your blog.

  22. Mary says

    Nice to see you in video-person. I really enjoy reading your inspirations and sharing them (verbally) with my fitness training/wellness coaching customers.

  23. Christine Pitt says

    Hello Marc and Angel: I was unable to view your video. My computer refused to cooperate. I would like to say that I find your blogs very helpful and insightful. It is a positive way to begin my day. It would be great if you published your book like a “regular one” for people like me, who prefer that format for a variety of reasons. Thank you for the reminder to smile more often. Wish you both continual success and joy!

  24. Ramesh says

    I love to read your blog… awesome job guys! It inspires me when I read it. As for the video, mmmm, not a big fan of video. Reading is something we can do anytime, anywhere.

    As many of the other readers have said thought, it was nice to see you both in the video.

  25. Mindy says

    I love receiving your emails. Thanks for writing great messages each week to lift me out of the miserable Winter. I have bought your book because I want to show my support for you both to encourage you to keep writing. Besides it would be great to read it when I am not online. I will also use your book to teach my young daughters about living. Thanks again and keep going with your great work.

  26. Arzu says

    I don’t usually like videos, but yours was really cool. It’s great hearing your guys’ voices :)

  27. says

    Wow! Thank you so much for the feedback everybody!

    Marc and I have noted many of your suggestions and we have decided to put out one new video on a monthly basis.

    And as always, thank you for the loving words and the positive reinforcement.

  28. Joey says

    I only learned about you two a few months ago. I think you are both angels living here on earth, helping guide us and inspire us along our way. I love what you are doing and would volunteer to help you in any way I can! Thank you.

  29. pui says

    Incredible. I can honestly say that you guys raise my life up when I feel down.

    Thanks a lot and please keep doing what you’re doing.

  30. tanya says

    Inspiring and uplifting as usual :)

    I would like a vid with tips for staying in the present moment and quieting mental chatter.

  31. May says

    I love this. Thank you for always reminding me and us that happiness persists even beyond the ugly backdrop of life. I began to feel happier, value the people around me, and not tolerate those who let me down. I’m beginning to feel stronger and more confident of myself. I am happier than ever all because of your posts. Keep up. We need you.

  32. Cathie says

    You guys are the best! Love the video blog; it made me perk up and smile. I have forwarded your messages to several coworkers who now subscribe to your weekly emails. Don’t know how I happened on your site, but yours is one email in a sea of emails that I actually stop, read and reflect on.

  33. says

    So cool to finally see you guys! :)

    Keep the videos coming. That was such an excellent, concise way to get an inspirational boost in the morning.

  34. Nicki says

    Thank you! The video made me cry and then smile. A phrase you use is so pertinant right now with a parent of mine telling me ( for the last 45 yrs) you can’t. . . . You are making me realise that I am me! Big hug and thank you x

  35. katy says

    This made me smile and brought a tear to my eye. I been having a totally rough time for a long time but you guys always send me a little wisdom and positivity to help me through.

  36. Aya says

    I’m not really the type of person who leaves comments but I just want to let you guys know that when I’m going through something really tough that it makes me wanna give up, all I need to do is go to this site and it never fails to make me smile. It’s like a magic potion and gives me the strength to stand up and say “I can do this”. You guys are such a blessing. Just keep up the fantastic work! Big hug! :)

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