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10 Things I Love About YOU

10 Things I Love About YOU

Where there is love there is life.

YOU are amazing!  You may forget sometimes, but someone always sees the amazing things about you that make you so loveable.

So let me remind you of how truly amazing you are, just because you’re YOU:

1.  Your smile.

I don’t care if your teeth aren’t perfectly straight and bright white.  When you smile, it lights up your eyes with a twinkle of honest delight that gives me a glimpse into the beauty of your soul.  It’s as though you really see me and you’re offering me a little parcel of your heart.

So please remember, you can never change the past nor control the future, but you can change the mood of this moment by touching someone’s heart with your smile, in the same way you have already touched mine.

2.  Your self-respect.

I love the way you accept who you are completely, the good and the bad, and make changes in your life as YOU see fit – not because you think anyone else wants you to be different, but because you know it’s the right thing to do, for YOU.

The way you don’t rely on your significant other, or anyone else, for your happiness and self-worth moves me at my core.  You have taught me that our first and last love is self-love, and that if you can’t love and respect yourself, no one else will be able to either.

3.  Your courage.

You say you’re afraid sometimes, and that the world seems too vast.  You say it can be a struggle just to get out of bed in the morning, to put on your smile and face reality, yet every day you somehow find the strength to carry-on and face life with courage and poise.

Your courage is my encouragement!

I love the way you prove day in and day out that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the decision that other things are more important than fear.  You take little, conscious steps every day to love those around you, to care for yourself, and to find joy in the smallest moments – all these little steps add up to greatness.

4.  Your passion.

While I see others waiting around for love, you inspire me with the way you happily pursue your lusts.  The way you express yourself and what you hold dear in your heart through your actions and words, and the way you use your whole mind and body to feel and interact with the world around you is truly something to be seen.

You have taught me that it’s not always about loving the struggles in front of you, but loving the ideas, dreams, passions and people behind you and within you.  It gives me great joy to see you ignited with an inner passion for living and pursuing the ideas that move you.

5.  Your creativity.

When you speak, write or create, you act like it’s your job to make mind-blowing, passionate love to whatever idea it is that drives the project you’re working on at the time.

What astounds me is the way you manage to communicate how you feel and who you are in so many wondrous ways, sometimes even without speaking a word.  The way you look at a situation where others are asking, “Why?” and instead ask,  “Why not?”  The way you continually jump from great heights and develop your wings on your way…

All I can say is: “Wow!”

6.  Your positivity.

The way you dwell on the beauty of life…

The way you laugh, even when there’s no pressing reason to do so…

You always turn a negative situation into a positive opportunity.  When you hear negative thoughts, you think about the positive side of things.  When you see a glass with water in it, you aren’t concerned whether it’s half empty or half full; you’re just grateful to have a glass with something in it.

Thank you.  You have made a difference in my life by being so positive.

7.  Your kindness and compassion.

No matter how strong a person is, they have weak points and sometimes all they really need is a listening ear from a compassionate friend.  Thank you for being that friend.

Even when you’ve been busy working hard and dealing with your own issues, somehow when I least expect it, you reach out to help another person who is in need.  You consider their circumstances with love rather than judgment.  You move into the “right here, right now” with an open heart and a willingness to be supportive, unconditionally.

8.  Your unconditional acceptance.

You take people and their situations for what they are, you appreciate them, and you don’t try to label them or change them.

I realize now that that your unconditional acceptance doesn’t mean you’re giving up your freewill to have an opinion – that’s quitting.  It simply means you’re willing to let go of the fantasies of who you think people should be and how you think things are supposed to be, so you can fall in love with who they truly are and how life really is.

9.  Your sense of humor.

You are always able to see the funny side of life through its ups and downs.  You manage to make light of situations that could easily drive a person crazy.  Negative things happen in your life, but somehow you shake them off and still mange to see the humor in it all.  Your laughter and sense of humor is infectious and lifts the mood of those around you, so the rest of us don’t take ourselves so seriously all the time.

Thank you for helping me see the beauty and comedy in the absurdity of life.

10.  Your love and loyalty.

Even though you have felt pain and heartbreak, and although you sometimes try your hardest to hide it, you just can’t stop loving.  It’s who you are on the inside.  Even though you sometimes require alone time for rest and healing, you always return to wanting to share love in your life.

You have helped me understand that relationships are about two people being true to each other even when times are tough, and that when it comes to relationships, remaining faithful is never an option, but a priority.  Prolonged love and loyalty mean the world… and yes… your love and loyalty mean the world to me.

Your turn…

What do you love most about yourself?  What qualities do you love most about your closest friends and family?  Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

Photo by: Adriana Cecchi

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  • I honestly can’t find enough words to thank you for everything you’ve said. Before I became a constant reader for your site I had a huge trouble finding the line between self confidence (the ability to love myself) and arrogance, so I always dismissed everything as being arrogant and therefore I lacked confidence completely.

    Yet now reading your words I am able to tell myself which of these positive things I really do see when I look in the mirror. You are truly amazing and it’s not exaggerating to say you change lives. Thank you for everything

  • For a long time, fear was the dominant thought in my mind. Never did I realize the hold it had on me. I used to admire people who had the ability to take risk and move towards their goals. After lot of introspection, I came to conclusion that fear is the root cause that holds us back. I realized we need to be courageous. I equated being courageous is being fearless, having no fear.

    But today, after going through this post, my definition of courage has been challenged and changed for the better. As you have put it, courage is not the absence of fear. It is the ability to face fear but still carry on with whatever needs to be done.

    What an amazing post! Thanks.

  • Very nice and heartwarming. Thanks!

  • Thanks a lot, MA. I love you, too!

  • I love my personal dignity. Unfortunately, I don’t see any moral quality to my family, which is the only thing matters for me and I admire to my closest people.

  • Very inspiring post :)

  • Absolutely Beautiful! Made my day!

  • Great post, made my day!

  • Thanx for your beautiful messages, it really changes my life one day at a time… big ups!

  • I love my ability to reach out and help others. I do this on a very frequent basis and it inspires me more than any other presence in my life.

    Thank you for these heartfelt reminders.

  • This post would make a great father’s day message for husbands from their wives. Thanks for sharing.

  • Well, I do love myself, but I don’t always like myself.

    For the past months I’ve made a mess of my life and now I don’t know how to move on. And it’s partially my own fault. Some pretty devastating things have happened in the past year, which left me unable to move on and finish college. It was just too much. I love myself for giving me the time I needed to deal with it, but I don’t like the fact that I just can’t move on and am not able to deal with.. anything right now. All the stress just made me burn out even more. Which was exactly what I hoped to prevent. Ironic, isn’t it?

    So I love myself for who I am, but I don’t always like the things I do (willingly or not).
    But as always, things will turn out just fine in the end :) I am sure.

  • I truly do love my own smile. I can feel it, and even when I’m down, it brings me back up.

    Also, I love the smiles of those closest to me, especially when I can help create it.

  • This has been one of the starts of this beautiful day God has created for me and I hope you too! All you have written today has touched my heart. I send much love to all your hearts, bring it everywhere you go today, tomorrow and forever.

  • You keep me close to what I truly am, and I thank you every time I get an email from you…

  • Years back, out of an abusive marriage and children depending on me for everything, I attended a job fair. I had little work experience and was extremely low in self esteem. I learned there to write a resume listing all my good qualities and positive traits…and for the first time in my life, I realized I had many, and I was employable.

    Now, many years later I search for love again, and after reading your beautiful post on love, I realize I have many of these traits, and that I am lovable.
    I move forward bravely…thank you .

  • Great post, as always. Thanks guys :)

  • Thank you! Thank you for all the love! Thank you for allowing me to see and appreciate those things in me!

    And I love you for reminding us of the good things, of the things to let go, of the things that will make us grow… Thank you for so manyyyyy things and for being you!

    Blessings to everyone :)

  • Thank you for this message! It was just the inspiration I needed today! I plan to share it with my friends and family to give them an extra boost today too!:)

  • Sarah McCulloch
    June 12th, 2013 at 9:57 am

    I sometimes forget all these wonderful things about myself. Learning and more importantly practicing loving myself really has changed everything about my life. I highly recommend this path. I am grateful to you for seeing me, as we become reflections for one another.

  • Aww, shucks! This was a lovely post.

    I love my strength, willingness to change, courage, go-getter attitude, compassion, empathy, intelligence, and sense of humor.

    What I love about my closest friends and family is their open mindedness. Some family members are coming around to the idea that we co-create our lives. That you could take responsibility for your life and choices, meaning you take a step back and examine your life and the choices you’ve made.

    Make it a great day!

  • A single smile definitely goes a long way through intangible methods!

  • MA, you attribute so much to everybody’s life…without any expectation. I bow my head to you gratefully.

  • Dear Marc and Angel:
    Thank you for all that you do for all of us! I have been going through a rough divorce, leaving a home I loved, and this new life being a single mom. I met a wonderful man recently and while I personally have some trust issues to work through on my own you are a constant reminder that there are good people in the world and that life is truly a beautiful gift. Your emails have kept me going on days where I just wanted to sit and cry. They give me encouragement to get through the long days and this one especially made me smile because it reminds me that there is such a thing called “TRUE LOVE” and someday I hope to find it if I have not already.

  • Beauty and Truth. Thank you, M&A for shining your inner light so brightly to the world! You have literally saved me from myself and my self-destructive fears and helped me to learn that unconditional love starts with myself and my inner dialogue. By letting go of who I thought I was, so much of which was colored by fear and doubt, I was able to become who I was meant to be and live my life fearlessly and full of love. I do believe that your thoughts and actions are a huge force for love in the world. I have purchased your e-bundle with deep appreciation and gratitude for all you have given so freely. May you be blessed with abundance in all areas of your life!

  • What I love about my family and friends:
    I love that they have supported me through thick and thin and been my ladder of hope during what I thought was the hardest part of my life.

    What I love about my best friend Becky is that she is my confident, encouragement, and she loves me for me. We can share secrets and know that they are safe with each other. We can be serious or goofy and yes even crabby but still love each other for the amazing friendship we have created over the last 14 years. I love that when I am going through rough times she is there for me no matter what.

    I love that my mom was a single mom and showed me the strength that a woman can exude in what sometimes seemed like unfavorable situations. I love that she showed me a hard work ethic and gave me a strong back bone to stand on my own. This is something that I may not have realized at the time was a hard thing, but being a single mom now on my own I understand how much she sacrificed.

    I love that my dad and step mom have been here to encourage me that I am strong enough to stand on my own. I love that they have been selfless in giving of their time to help me get my new home together and that they love me despite my imperfections. I love that they accept me for me and that I can be my normal goofy self and that we can laugh so hard we cry.

    I love my brothers/sisters for being a support when I need it and most times it was just a phone call/text that reminded me that they cared and were thinking of me. My sister’s especially for checking in on me here and there. Even if I did not respond I knew that they were always praying for me!

    I love that I met an amazing man who has made me happy again. Something I never thought would be possible. He has also given selflessly of himself to help me in any way that he can. Being a dad to four children and a professional business man he still makes time for me any time that he can. It is simple things like this that people often take for granted. I love that he sees the best in me. I love how he is committed to his children and God. Most importantly I love how he has opened my eyes to life and shown me that I have the courage to face some of my biggest fears.

    Most importantly what I love about life. I love that life is ever changing and growing. It is the hard times that make us stronger. I love GOD and praise him for all the blessings and yes even the blessings in disguise even if they sometimes come through tears.

  • What a way of writing. Really outstanding article. Thank you so much… Your articles always becomes source of motivation and self confidence in hard time. Thank you so much once again…

  • Thanks so much, this what I needed to remember today .

  • How inspiring to know we have these qualities, that we are my alone in our awesomeness and if we are single now that one day we will find someone who is just as magnificent as You. I love my ability to dream and make these passions come to life. I love connections and what a blessing that we have MA to bring us all together to celebrate the beauty of life within ourself and others! It’s a beautiful day I hope you all know how profound our actions and words impact others! Keep spreading the love!

  • How I 💙 your articles!! Tis a good way to start my morning and it always boosts my mood and lift my broken heart and soul. It really helps me as I walk and grope in darkness to find my light again,
    Thank you so much!
    Please keep inspiring a lot of people.

  • “Your turn” you say? With pleasure! Here goes:

    Your words of wisdom, your disarming honesty, your incredible insight, your wonderful integrity, your respect for human frailties, your gentle and giving spirits, your having chosen to make this a career rather than a side hobby, and your dedication to your readers and to this site. Those are some of things that I love about the two of you…

  • Arlene Appelrouth
    June 12th, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    What I love most about myself is my authenticity. I tell the truth, share my thoughts and feelings and don’t try to appear to be anything other than myself.

    I am generous with my time and share with others.

    I also appreciate my willingness to seek support when I need it. Even though I often think I can do most things alone, I recognize that there’s nothing better than the emotional support that comes from others.

  • I just said goodbye yesterday to a very dear one to me. I will likely never see them again. We gave our last moments together talking about how the other had impacted each of us. I wish I had been able to say these very things. And i think had they too been able to express well through the pain of this ending, he might have said the same to me. Reading this post put words to what we would have said I think.

    Thank you.

  • Oh wow! This just made me smile. What I love about both of you is your genuine interest in making people better - your care, support and passion. I have never clicked on this blog and not learnt something new. Thank you Marc and Angel, you are amazing! That’s what I love about you :)

  • It’s so easy to forget that we all offer something great in this world.

    Its just that sometimes our good qualities can be masked by a lack of self-confidence with ourselves.

    Sometimes it’s a great post like this one that reminds us that we DO have something to offer; something great that nobody but ourselves can give.

  • I love this post…thank you for the inspiration.

  • Kinda sad to read this for me… connected to the person I was forbidden to marry many years ago, and remembering that we shared these opinions of each other, and still do. Recently met again. Well, the magic is still there, but the walls must stay up for now. We also share the ethics.

  • Thank you for these lovely words!

    You guys rock!

  • Your lovely, sweet schmaltz is like nibbling warm chocolate chip cookies and milk while wrapped in a soft cashmere blankie. Not for the cynical, the cold, the analytical, the empirical — wait — those are the folks that need these cookies the most! Maybe that’s me! Yum, and thanks!

  • “Goodbye Rowena”, from Mr. Holland’s Opus. Does anybody remember that? Sometimes we care all that about somebody but we have to let them go.

    Needed and welcome words, great post.

  • Thank you so much. I like reading your posts early in the morning because I know my day will automatically be brighter. What I love most about myself is my smile and ability to infect others with it. :-) Your ability to inspire is I think, your greatest asset.

  • Beautiful post, as usual. From time to time we all need to be reminded that we are amazing and that it’s our own choice to let this amaziness transpire and reach others. We are what we think we are and it’s upon us to be amazing or not.

    As for me I think that what I love most is that I try to never repeat twice an error and most of the times I’m able to do it do it. :)

  • Thank you for making me smile this fine day. Your post reminds me of who I really am :)

  • I think you nailed it pretty much with me. I really like my smile and my unrelenting determination. Although sometimes I have to remind myself to work smarter, and not harder.

  • I am so blessed! My adult daughters, their husbands and kids, my husband, sisters and friends, are so loving and let me know so often how much they love me. Silly, but I’m always so awed that my daughters want to be close and spend time with us. What a beautiful world and blessed life!

  • Really great article, worth reading.

  • Adekunle ogungbile
    June 13th, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    I want to sincerely say I appreciate you Marc and Angel Hack for this very post. More grace to ur elbows.

  • I love the way I talk to people around me.

  • Hey man…thanks for this. I heard once that the best compliment you can give a person is one that either confirms or reminds or spotlights something they can or do already believe about themselves as opposed to mere flattery. Its amazing how we forget the good in us. Equally amazing is the huge impact made on our well being when we are reminded of that good. How easy a thing to do - remind someone of their good and watch as that good is multiplied.

    I’ve personally been in pretty serious need of a reminder of my good lately. Even though I was somewhat aware of it, I didn’t realize how good it would feel until I read this post. It does feel really good.

    Motivating. Energy giving. Makes me smile.

    I’m grateful for people with the willingness and ability to recognize and then convey the reminders of love where and when they are needed. And it multiplies love and motivation to love and create. So to you Marc and Angel, today I remind you that you two folks are angels living with service to inspiring us. Thank you.

  • I love you Tanmay Bangaram… love you… always and forever… my soul mate. This post reminded me of this.

  • @Rosie: Things will turn out fine. =) Take one small step forward every day. You’ll get there, I know it!

    @Jean: Sometimes you need a new perspective to gain clarity on a situation. I am happy we could help you reflect on yourself and smile. =)

    @Jeb Harrison: Wow! Love the analogy. =)

    @All: Your heartfelt remarks fill us with love and joy. You honestly inspire Marc and I on a daily basis and motivate us to share what we learn as we’re living it. Thank you for continuing to remind us that together we’re making a difference. =)

  • Subscribing to get your emails has been the greatest thing l have done this year… with all the positive things you have written in your blog and book, I have been truly inspired.

  • I love this post. There are several sections that hit very close to home, in that there are areas that I want to improve. I am curious about your thoughts and advice about unconditional acceptance. How does one reach this goal?

  • This post just brought tears to my eyes.. amazing. I’m keeping this for everyday.. how you use “you” really hits homes and helps lift my spirits. This is my favorite post.. really connected with it.

  • Sometimes loving myself is difficult. It’s hard to believe when others say they love me if I can’t find reason to love myself, even when they point all the positives out that I don’t necessarily see within myself. But your post is so inspiring and uplifting that it forces me to look at myself and perhaps believe that what others say may actually be true. If I can love others then it stands to reason that it may be possible and true that they may love me as well.

    I’m very grateful to you both.

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