Dear Old Media (CNBC)… Sincerely, The Ron Paul Faithful

Ron PaulFollowing the Republican debate last week CNBC placed a poll on their website asking visitors to cast their vote on which candidate they thought won the debate.  After a few hours Ron Paul had accumulated 75% of the votes.  CNBC promptly took down the poll and left an “Open Letter to the Ron Paul Faithful”  in its place.

We all know that American journalism and mass media is heavily skewed and censored, but this sort of one-way media manipulation just irritates me… and I’m not even a diehard Ron Paul supporter.  One of my good friends, Nick, is a diehard Ron Paul supporter, so he emailed the following letter directly to CNBC.  Even though this is off-topic for my blog, I feel strongly that Nick’s letter should see the light of day beyond some CNBC executive’s email trash bin.

Dear Old Media,

In response to your “Open Letter to the Ron Paul Faithful,” you only gave half of the story.  While many of the claims you made were not outright false, your analysis of the situation is incomplete.

First, let’s stop with the childish implications of “hacking”.  Nobody is hacking anything and you know it.  Millions of Internet transactions take place securely every day that would be much juicier targets for hackers than a silly Old Media poll for which there is no gain and which is censored as soon as Ron Paul pulls ahead, as many of them have been – this is not the first.  Just admit that several thousand real people took the time to go to your website and vote in your poll.

The Ron Paul Faithful will admit to organizing to vote in your poll.  You claim this amounts to “…a well-organized and committed ‘few’ [throwing] the results of a system meant to reflect the sentiments of ‘the many’…”  Perhaps, though I hope for the future of this great country and its future generations that we are a well-organized majority.  That point aside, your claim is hypocritical because this is exactly what the Old Media and the “legitimate” polling organizations (as you call them) have been doing all along.

The Old Media is itself the well-organized minority that is throwing the results for the majority through censorship, misleading data and half-truths.  Take for example the amount of questions and response time that Ron Paul is granted during these debates.  He is consistently granted the least amount of time out of all the candidates, despite polling higher and raising more funds than many of them.

Let us also examine the “legitimate” polls that you reference to imply that Ron Paul’s support can’t be so high.  As you well know, these phone polls are unscientific and biased.  You are claiming that the opinions of a few hundred Republicans with land-line telephones represent the opinions of the majority.  Furthermore, the polling companies regularly leave candidates like Ron Paul off their list of poll choices, naming only “mainstream” candidates to choose from.  These polls that you swear by and reference so often represent the opinions of the majority no better than the poll that you took down when you didn’t like the results.

So who is the well-organized minority that is trying to sway the majority?  Is it really us, a sincere group of citizens trying to get the word out concerning our candidate?  Or is it you, an Old Media giant and biased polling community who tries to enforce their personal choices of “mainstream” candidates on the citizens of this country?  We were not given equal voice in your format so we organized and took voice in our format, the Internet.  We’d do it again.

The Old Media seems to have forgotten the meaning of, and it’s responsibility to, unbiased journalism.  If you are going to present an editorial as news because it is more entertaining, you must strive to give equal time to all opinions.  Otherwise, just go back to reporting the facts and keep your predictions and opinions to yourselves.  When a well-organized few has such an effect on the opinions of the many and on the outcomes of our political process, I get very worried.  You do the entire nation a great disservice.

The Ron Paul Faithful

15 Things 2007 College Freshmen Do Not Remember

FreshmenThere are several things this year’s incoming college freshmen don’t remember that most mid to late twenty-something’s will never forget.  It’s a clear sign of the inevitable change in the times.  I was recently reminded of this when I spoke with an 18 year old college freshman at my cousin’s wedding last week.  We were joking around about the old-school selection of music the D.J. was playing.  I made a sarcastic comment about the D.J. stealing my old 80’s – 90’s radio recorded mix-tape collection in order to construct his wedding reception dance mix.  The girl looked at me with a puzzled face.  “You recorded all your music off of the radio?” she asked.  “Oh man!” I thought.  “I’m getting old!”

In reality, most 2007 college freshmen were born in 1989 and probably barely remember any the following… it’s scary:

  1. The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster
  2. Ronald Reagan
  3. The Cold War and the Berlin Wall
  4. Hardback (Funk & Wagnalls) encyclopedia sets
  5. Getting tangled up in a long kitchen phone cord
  6. Setting the record timer on your VCR
  7. When Michael Jackson and the moonwalk were cool
  8. Recording music off the radio
  9. Desert Storm
  10. A floppy disk
  11. Windows 95
  12. The Nintendo Entertainment System (and Duck Hunt)
  13. The Oklahoma City Bombing
  14. The O.J. Simpson Trial
  15. Life before the World Wide Web

Passing The CISSP

I just received an e-mail with the following introduction:

Dear Marc,

Congratulations!  We are pleased to inform you that you have passed the Certified Information Systems Security Professional competency examination…

To which Angel said:  “Wow!  I love you so much!  Now I am engaged to a certified professional genius!”

To which I replied by inquiring about the potential need for a “wild genius ride”.  But, I received no response.  Apparently I thought it was a bit more humorous than she did.  😉

Either way, Marc has officially passed the CISSP exam!  YAAAAAHHHHOOOOOO!!!!

A Day Late for Downtown Orlando

Angel and I are getting married next March.  We have been diligently saving money with the best intention of purchasing a home of our own.  The overlying goal is to relocate in or around the Downtown Orlando area.  We’re in our mid twenties with no children, so we think it would be nice to set up shop a little closer to the social scene and night life.  So what’s the problem?  The problem rests with the real estate insanity that has sky-rocketed the house/condo prices straight through the damn stratosphere!  I mean for gawds sake, we are both professionals and together we make just under 100K a year!  Yet somehow the only housing we can afford is a 600 square foot, one bedroom, pre-construction condo… or a freaking house in the ghetto that was built in 1960.  Oh, and there’s hardly anything decent to rent because they converted every apartment complex into a condo complex.  This is absolutely preposterous!  I mean, this isn’t downtown Manhattan.  The per-capita income in Orlando is still pretty low.  Sure, there has been a ton of job growth, but most of the growth is in the service industry.  Waitresses, bartenders… they work downtown, but they can’t live there.  It seems like Downtown Orlando appeals to a younger professional crowd, yet we’re priced right out.  The crazy thing is that 2 years ago we could have purchased 2 homes.  WTF!?