Made Me Laugh Out Loud

These two graphics made me laugh out loud… literally!  :-)  I hope that they will bring a smile to your face as well…

Men Have It Bad

Quality Advice

Lumahai Beach on Kauai’s North Shore

Lumahai Beach along the Hawaiian island of Kauai’s north shore is regarded by many travel websites as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  The beach is about 3/4’s of a mile long, a few hundred feet wide, and backed straight up against lush vegetated cliff sides.  There is no protective reef in the water which creates frequent high surf and thus extremely dangerous water conditions.  When bitter cold New Yorkers or Bostonians catch themselves daydreaming about a picture perfect tropical shoreline, Lumahai is surely the beach they envision.  Angel and I stumbled across it during our 8 hour beach hopping adventure throughout Kauai last week.  Among the photos we snapped here, here, here, and here… I also made a short video clip of the powerful surf.  This clip really doesn’t do it much justice, but it’s still pretty neat.  Enjoy.

Space Shuttle Launch Photographed From Outer Space

An interesting photo sent to me by my buddy Nick who works at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL.  The International Space Station happened to be directly overhead two shuttle launches ago (last September).  One of the astronauts up there snapped this picture of the launch from a window in the space station.  I thought it was pretty cool.


Update (2-6-07): A few site visitors have pointed out that this photo was actually taken at much lower altitude than the ISS resides at.  It seems as though the Kennedy employees that gave the photo to Nick were just messing with him.  I know nothing about avionics, so I was equally fooled.  See the comments on this post for further details.  I apologize for the inaccuracy of this post.

Still Frames of a Spring Cruise

We went back into the archives and pulled out a whole bunch of great photos from our Spring 2004 Caribbean cruise.  Browsing through these photos brings back some fantastic memories… but also reminds us of a sad reality.  Some of these characters (Donny, Sobe, etc.) will forever remain best friends of ours.  They are true friends, the kind of people you can rely on when it counts.  Others in these photos (Sam, Nick, etc.) have dwindled down to being nonexistent in our lives, mostly due to selfish back-stabbing actions on their own behalves. 

But either way, when we look back at these photos we both agree that none of this really matters.  When you capture a still frame on camera you freeze that moment in time.  All events that follow that moment aren’t reflected in the image.  You only capture life as it was right then at that slit second.  As depicted in these photographs, Sam and Nick used to be great friends of ours, but since then their foul actions have destroyed relationships that we all admittedly miss from time to time.  Unfortunately these actions were also too cruel to easily disregard.  While we do miss the people that they were, we don’t miss them. 

One thing is for sure though… the time spent on this cruise could easily be ranked 10 out of 10.  We all had a blast, and we cherish the moments in every one of these photographs!  Thanks to everyone in them for making these moments unforgettable. 2683 2743