post written by: Marc Chernoff

Our Justice System is An Illusion

Without descending into the depths of a lengthy narrative covering the vast insufficiencies of our social and legal justice systems, allow me to vent out some excess bitterness.

You are alone out there.  That’s the bottom line.  Nobody will be there to save you from your own stupidity.  Likewise, nobody will be there to save you from someone else’s inanity.  The mere act of traversing your daily routine places you evenly on a fine line between absolute triumph and utter defeat.  Freedom in life is a fragile privilege resting gently on the edge of muted detention.  Thus, our reasoning and rationale may fall on the deaf ears of those we employ to save us.  All the laws of society are only 50% assured at any given moment, so plan on uncertainty and injustice ahead.

Sorry about the negative rant.  My buddy was beaten in the face a couple days ago by some drunken college-age asshole.  He was attempting to break up a fight outside of a popular downtown watering hole.  The SOB left a large bloody gash across my buddy’s broken nose after he swiftly head-butted him for no reason other than for telling the drunk guy that fighting some other guy was foolish.  The cops detained the jerk for about 10 minutes, wiped their hands clean of the mess, and let the guy walk.  My buddy received a police department case number, followed up by a phone call the next day.  The policeman said that after a thorough investigation, there was no criminal fault made by the other party involved.  It was simply a quarrel between two parties that resulted in an injury.

Thorough investigation… my ass!  I guess the fact that my buddy never laid a finger on anyone is just an extraneous detail.  Oh, and assault and battery must be legal nowadays.  I witnessed this injustice firsthand… and it makes me sick to my stomach.

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  • F the man!

  • And of course…if your friend had beat the sh*t out of this kid after said headbutt, it would be his ass in jail. We have the same problem here in Northern Ireland. Law sucks.

  • theyre should be cops for the cops!!!!so if theyre not doing there job ,you can call them on ‘em!!!

  • Marc, I emphasize w/you and your friend’s issue with your local constabulary. Here, they recently changed the 911 response that if no one is dead and the perpetrator is gone, they won’t come at all. They want you to call and create a report over the phone. It doesn’t matter if someone is bleeding in the street. Tell your friend there are a lot of people praying for him, and you, too, for seeing it up close.

  • Its sad but this happens all the time. I’m guessing they spoke to security to see what happened. The bars and clubs are liable for all injuries that take place on there property… corruption

  • I understand what your going through exactly. A police officer shot my baby brother in the back inside his own home. In front of my mom and they let the cop run free for about two weeks to determine if it was justified or not. They arrested the officer and charged him with 2nd degree murder. But we are now dealing with the court system and it feels one sided. They lowered this officer’s bond. He bonded out. The holidays were here and his attorney asked to reschedule, they did so the officer could spend time with his family. Well the district attorney’s office called stating the court hearing was postponed. They lied they still had it and none of my family knew until reading the news paper stating how we didn’t show. So yes I do believe we are alone.

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