Corporate America Asks Questions Without Wanting True Answers

Have you ever felt momentarily suspended in a complete void of productivity because someone just asked you a question that you knew they did not want an honest answer to? I am not referring to a situation where you are intentionally deceiving a loved one’s trust by hiding information that could emotionally hurt them. The situation I am referring to involves a professional environment where multiple individuals in a strict business relationship disregard the truth in favor of delivering the ideal lie. In other words, these business people ask their associates questions that already have a presumed answer regardless of whether that answer is true or not.Frustration in Corporate America

For instance, if the regional director Bob of Spazz Inc. asked John, one of his small branch managers, how the brand new employee training system was functioning, would John be honest with his boss? Without any knowledge of the company structure, maybe he would. But what if John knew that Bob had a lead role in convincing the president of Spazz Inc. to pour 25 million dollars into designing the new employee training system. If the training system was truly a faulty disaster, would you expect John to be upfront about it with the director project, whom also happens to sign his paycheck

Situations like this create an absolute void of productivity and efficiency. Unfortunately, this sort of thing occurs in corporate America on a daily basis and companies of all sizes suffer from it. This is not just an isolated management dilemma. The problem starts at the root of executive company administration and spills out to every facet in the chain of command. The source of the epidemic correlates directly to a shortfall in the company-wide team building process. When an employee does not feel comfortable with the management, a lack of trust sets in, at which point they will tell their boss exactly what they think their boss wants to hear. And sadly enough, many times this is exactly what the boss desires.


  1. Kevin says

    But what would you advise? I would assume that you would tell people to speak the truth, even if it is unpleasant. Is this something you left alone because you think people should come to their own conclusions about whether they should care about their integrity or their job security?

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