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How To Write the Perfect Love Letter in 3 Short Paragraphs

How To Write the Perfect Love LetterWriting the perfect love letter can be quite a challenge. After all, love is an emotion, and it can be extremely difficult to accurately transcribe your emotions into a meaningful set of words. It’s easy to spell out the phrase “I love you”, but those words are relatively hollow without a little contextual substantiation.

3 Simple Questions

So, how do you substantiate the authenticity and depth of your love without writing a lengthy novel depicting every detail of your relationship? It’s actually quite simple. Just ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. What feelings are inspiring me to write this love letter?
  2. If I write only one short paragraph expressing my love, how will I convince my significant other that this paragraph is all I needed to write?
  3. What will this one paragraph say?

Answer for Your Significant Other

Answer each question for your significant other as if she or he asked you the question. In other words, direct your answers toward the recipient of your love letter. Take some time and put sincere thought into each of your answers, but limit each answer to a short paragraph between 3 to 5 sentences in length.

Finalize the Love Letter

Put a greeting before paragraph #1 and a few romantic closing remarks after paragraph #3. Proofread and sign your name at the bottom. It’s a wrap.

Here’s an example, a love letter I recently wrote to my wife:


I found myself sitting here tonight on our first anniversary reminiscing about all the unforgettable times we’ve shared together. Just thinking about it makes me glow inside. More so than being happy, I am proud to be part of something extraordinary, you.

I was going to write a lengthy, detailed letter confessing my unconditional love to you, but it would be somewhat of a waste. It would be a waste to write a letter so extensive when my feelings remain so logically simple in my mind. It only takes a few words to clearly describe how I feel about you.

To everyone else who knows you, you are a bright, capable over-achiever who is beautiful and remarkably confident. Without you, their lives would be a little more difficult and a little less pleasant. To me, you are me. Without you, I would not be me. I would not faintly resemble the man I am today.

It’s that simple.

Happy 1st Anniversary!

Love always,

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