33 Inspirational YouTube Videos Conveying Genuine Life Lessons

The following list contains 33 of my favorite inspirational and motivational YouTube videos.  Each video clip tells a different tale, a unique story conveying subtle lessons about life, love, happiness and success.  I’ve been bookmarking these slowly over the course of a year or so.  Each one is certainly worth watching at least once.  Enjoy.

1. Life and Music
Life Lesson:
Don’t sacrifice your life for someone else’s idea of success.

2. Commencement Address by Steve Jobs
Life Lesson:
Find what you love, trust in your instincts, and follow your heart.

3. Ninja Almost Defeated by a Bug
Life Lesson:
Change your thoughts to change your world.

4. Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture
Life Lesson:
Be honest, be tolerant, and lead a life you are proud of.

5. Amazing Shadow Puppets
Life Lesson:
Genius is found in simplicity.

6. Al Pacino’s Inches Speech
Life Lesson:
Short consistent steps in a positive direction will eventually lead you to victory.

7. Organized Laughter Yoga
Life Lesson:
Laughter and happiness can be contagious.

8. Autistic Anthem Singer Gets Help in Boston
Life Lesson:
Genuine kindness and hope exists in humanity.

9. Mind-Movie for Success
Life Lesson:
It’s up to you. Take the first step. Do it.

10. SPIN of Life
Life Lesson:
You may fail several times before you succeed. So always be aware, and learn from your mistakes.

11. Love vs. Fear
Life Lesson:
Fear is a short-term fix. Love is a long-term solution.

12. Disabled Athletes
Life Lesson:
No disability is an excuse for not trying.

13. Michael Jordan Motivational
Life Lesson:
In order to succeed, you must be willing to fail.

14. Patrick Henry Hughes Inspires
Life Lesson:
Everyone has a gift, it just needs to be found and unleashed.

15. Elite Skateboarding Tricks
Life Lesson:
Practice DOES make perfect.

16. Braveheart Freedom Speech
Life Lesson:
There is no greater gift than that of freedom.

17. Motivation Magic
Life Lesson:
The secret to personal success is personal passion.

18. Frozen in Grand Central
Life Lesson:
Great things can be achieved if we work together.

19. Elements of Greatness
Life Lesson:
You must answer certain questions for yourself if you are to realize your dreams.

20. One in a Million Shot
Life Lesson:
Small miracles can occur.

21. Turn a Paperclip into a New House
Life Lesson:
A big heart and a little persistance goes a long way.

22. 212 Degrees – The Extra Degree
Life Lesson:
One extra degree of effort is the difference between good and great.

23. Hoosiers Motivational Speech
Life Lesson:
When you truly strive to be the best you can be, you are a winner regardless of what the scoreboard reads.

24. The Don’t Quit Poem
Life Lesson:
Never quit. You are probably closer than you think.

25. Yes We Can
Life Lesson:
The first step is believing.

26. Woman With No Arms
Life Lesson:
Passion and determination can allow anyone to overcome their physical limitations.

27. J.K. Rowling A&E Biography Part 1
Life Lesson:
It is possible to start an empire with nothing more than a dream.

28. A Good Cop
Life Lesson:
There are sincere human beings in law enforcement who truly want to help you.

29. Baboon Escapes Death
Life Lesson:
No matter how hopeless it seems, never give up!

30. Paul Potts Sings
Life Lesson:
You cannot judge someone’s talents just by looking at them.

31. Body Over Mind
Life Lesson:
The health of your body is equally important as the health of your mind.

32. Autistic 3 Pointers
Life Lesson:
Sometimes all someone needs is to be given a chance.

33. Blind Painter
Life Lesson:
Tragedies can open new doors of vision.

BONUS: The Awareness Test
Life Lesson:
It’s quite easy to overlook the obvious.


  1. says

    great collection! thanks for sharing it.

    “Spin of life” was fantastic … reminded “The Butterfly Effect” movie :)

  2. says

    Great collection.

    I liked them a lot.

    Some were funny, some serious, some inspirational, but all very valuable!

    Thanks for sifting through the millions of videos to get this collection.

  3. stacie says

    Very eye opening and inspiring. It is not the large things that make a difference, it really is the small things in life. Be awake, and you will see.

  4. says

    You cannot believe how long ive been googling for something like this. Through 6 pages of Yahoo results couldnt find diddly squat. Quick search on bing. There this is…. Gotta start using that more often

  5. padma says

    Touching and inspirational. Lot of lessons told in these valuable videos.
    Thanks for the thoughtfulness that went into posting these here.

  6. sharat says

    one of the best collection of videos i ever came across and thanks a lot for google search for keep this list in first of the search results

  7. Mikakat says

    Thanks heaps for creating this collection, I plan to watch one a day for 33 days as part of a new challenge I am taking on – to get a daily dose of inspiration each day! So far I have watched the first one and passed it on to a friend who is a music teacher.

  8. Karen Bacolod says

    I will change my life. I will help others change theirs in a positive way. I lose sight of this goal sometimes during this journey but I always regain my dream with every reminder of inspiration, any inspiration, even a reminder of something as simple as this list of videos. Life is the hardest thing to endure and yet the harder it gets the more I want to live forever.

  9. says

    This list needs to include the video about Team Hoyt, the father-son duo that have competed togther in over 1000 endurance events together despite the son’s disability and confinement to a wheelchair. Search for: Team Hoyt My Redeemer Lives. You won’t be sorry.

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