20 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Sunday

Sunday Questions to Reflect on Your Life

At the cusp of new beginnings many of us take time to reflect on our lives by looking back over the past and ahead into the future.  We ponder the successes, failures and standout events that are slowly scripting our life’s story.  This process of self reflection helps maintain a conscious awareness of where we’ve been and where we intend to go.  It is pertinent to the organization and preservation of our dreams, goals and desires.

If you would like to maximize the benefits of self reflection, I have 20 questions for you.  These questions should be reviewed every Sunday morning or sometime during the weekend when you have some quiet time to think.  Remember, reflection is the key to progression.

  1. What did I learn last week? – If you have trouble answering this question, it’s time for a change.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, you should learn something new every week.
  2. What was my greatest accomplishment over the past week? – Reflecting on your accomplishments is a healthy way to raise self confidence and contentment.  It’s also an effective way to track your progress.
  3. Which moment from last week was the most memorable and why? – It may open up your mind to new passions and goals, or simple pastimes worth revisiting.
  4. What’s the #1 thing I need to accomplish this week? – Everything else is secondary, and should be treated as such.  Nevertheless, this question will also shine light on other noteworthy tasks.
  5. What can I do right now to make the week less stressful? – Set reminders in your calendar, get your laundry done, fill the car with gas… organize yourself.
  6. What have I struggled with in the past that might also affect the upcoming week? – The idea here is to learn from your struggles and better equip yourself for future encounters.
  7. What was last week’s biggest time sink? – Steer clear of this in the future.  Setup physical barriers against distractions if you have to.
  8. Am I carrying any excess baggage into the week that can be dropped? – Physical clutter, mental clutter… eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may shine bright.
  9. What have I been avoiding that needs to get done? – Pencil in a time to get these things done.  For any 2-minute or less tasks, consider scheduling them first thing Monday morning.
  10. What opportunities are still on the table? – If it’s still available and you want it, make a concrete plan to go after it this week.
  11. Is there anyone I’ve been meaning to talk to? – Regular communication can solve problems before they fester.  Always keep an open line of communication to those around you.
  12. Is there anyone that deserves a big ‘Thank You’? – Take time each week to thank the people who have helped you.  Your kind gesture will not go unnoticed.
  13. How can I help someone else this coming week? – The easiest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want.  If you help them, they will remember you when you need help.
  14. What are my top 3 goals for the next 3 years? – You’ll never make any progress in life if you don’t setup realistic goals for yourself.
  15. Have any of my recent actions moved me closer to my goals? – If the answer is no, something needs to change.
  16. What’s the next step for each goal? – Knowing the next step is the key to accomplishing the whole.
  17. What am I looking forward to during the upcoming week? – The answer can act as a great source of motivation.  If nothing exists, schedule something to look forward to.
  18. What are my fears? – Consciously address your fears each week and slowly work on resolving them.  It’s all about taking baby steps.
  19. What am I most grateful for? – It’s a smart way to keep things in perspective, and something you should never lose sight of.
  20. If I knew I only had one week to live, who would I spend my time with? – Another helpful reminder… Life is short.  Spend more time with the people you care about.

Take 30 minutes every Sunday and give yourself the gift of self reflection.  It has worked wonders for me, and I am confident it will do the same for you.

And check out these books for more thought-provoking questions:

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  1. says

    Great list, it’s a great idea to review the week that has passed. This will surely help me set my goals for the week ahead. My two faves are “Is there anyone who deserves a big ‘thank you'”- this is important. My second fave is “if I only had a week to live, who would I spend my time with” – I don’t think this one would change too much from week to week for me though.
    Thanks for the tips!

  2. says

    Nicely done.. With these questions, next week will always be better. Next step would be to remind us of the question and the answers we gave every day :)

  3. says

    When we assess our week, we are helping ourselves become more aware of our choices, feelings, and reactions. The emotional intelligent people learn from their mistakes, but they also praise the good things that they’ve done so they encourage themselves to do those good things again and again.

  4. says

    I agree. #20 will rarely change… but it’s something we should constantly remind ourselves of.

    A daily question session isn’t a bad idea either. 😉

    Well stated. Reflection is the key to learning from our mistakes.

  5. Anon says

    “What are my top 3 goals for the next 3 years?”

    If your goals for the next three years change every seven days, you’ve got bigger problems than a weekly self-analysis can solve.

  6. says

    Of course you’re not changing your 3-year goals every week. Read the question that follows…

    “Have any of my recent actions moved me closer to my goals?”

    You are reciting your goals so you can track your progress.

    Insightful addition. Thanks! 😉

    @sir jorge:
    Hmm… and I’m guessing you didn’t receive much in return either.

  7. says

    Indeed, a great list. #9 is the big one for me. I am not a bad procrastinator, but what I procrastinate do “grow” in my mind and become heavier and harder to do as the time goes by.


  8. says

    I think it’s very important to review what you did–and whether it moved you closer to your goals or away from them–and to plan where you’re going next. Caroline Myss suggests that you sit down and think of where you lost energy–maybe you had an unnecessary fight with someone–and reclaim that energy. So I think two additional questions would be: what gave me energy this week? what made me lose or leak energy this week?

  9. says

    I absolutely love this list. I think I will start writing my answers each week on a new page in a notebook so I can go back and see how things change.

  10. says

    I work full time and have recently started a blog in my spare time. I realised that I would need to put some time aside each weekend for reflection on the previous week and also to focus on the week ahead. I came up with a (shorter) list of my own, and some of the points in this post are similar.

    Your list is more comprehensive though – so a very timely and useful post for me. I will be adding some of these to my list!

  11. says

    Wow, this was really powerful! My wife and I were just discussing how life seems to be getting away from us at times–how we are always just reacting to things, instead of living intentionally. I think the key to changing this pattern is to start taking time for reflection, and planning. Thanks for putting this one together.

  12. says

    I loved these tips! I once took a class called “Redeeming the Time” and your list would go a long way in helping us to redeem our time instead of looking back and wondering where the time went. Loved it!

  13. says

    These are great questions to ask every week. Now it’s the whole thirty minutes to sit down and ask those questions. While I am a firm believer in taking time out to reflect, even I find it hard to break away from my to-do list to ask these questions. Some require thinking about very important things. They are valid questions, but I’m having a hard time committing this to routine. What I have done is written a select few of these questions and posted it where I can see it daily, so it’s constantly on my mind. Whatever works, right?

  14. says

    What a great list to reflect on each week! I will be giving this a try, as this is one area I haven’t spent enough time on in my life – reflecting on my life. It’s one of those things I know is important, but it’s never been urgent. And those are the most important things usually. Anyway, thanks much for this.

  15. Jason says

    Thanks for this, I’ll attempt to use it. Also, your website is great. So far, I’ve read about 5 blog dealies on this site and they are all quality. Thanks a lot! You may have just scored yourself another devoted reader.

  16. says

    Marc, this is a great list. I’ve just discovered your site and am very impressed. Your posts are positive and motivational. I’ll definitely be using this list as I reflect on the week past and ahead.

  17. Marince says

    Hehehe..nice points…but i think more tips should be provided :))
    Anyway thanx for the motivation ;)) I really asked myself all these questions and tried to find the answers :))

  18. says

    Weekend reflection is a good thing. Reading a great book right now called Your Designer Diet by Todd Hoff which uses exactly the same technique applied to a long term life style change centered around eating habits. Thanks for some thoughtful reading! G.

  19. says

    took 2 hours to go through these questions , the first time and they are a very good list. thanks for this post. my family i realise are the most important aspect of my life even with all the , rubbish i waste mytime on

  20. says

    wow great list…
    #12 is seriously overlooked in importance. We are so busy and consumed with getting things done that we might forget or neglect those Thank Yous that could weaken or even break relations.

  21. says

    My boyfriend and I meet every Sunday do our planning for the week. I have found that it reduces conflict and keeps me in the loop on his business. It has made so much more happy to have a Sunday routine! Thanks for this great post.

  22. Danny H says

    Another great list of things that everyone should ask themselves. I especially liked number 14, that is something that i have been preaching to friends and family for some time now!!

  23. Rozanne Nuetzman says

    This article is a really a nice and useful piece. I am glad that you just shared this useful info with us. Please keep the good advice coming.

  24. stephen says

    This is indeed inspiring. Thumbs up to you. I will try applying this to my life, and i hope to influence others too.

  25. boyshawn says

    Hey Marc

    I have been using your list for 2 months and I think that it is a great list! I get to reflect on my past week and I felt more meaning into my life. However, there are one point, #6. “What have I struggled with in the past that might also affect the upcoming week? – The idea here is to learn from your struggles and better equip yourself for future encounters.” which I do not understand. Can you explain more about what do you mean about struggles? Maybe you can give some examples, or links to any of your articles to elaborate on it?


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