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Your Life’s Story Told in One Sentence

Write One Sentence that Defines You

Constraints make us focus.  They force us to zero-in on a specific purpose.  The less material we have to work with, the more resourceful we must be.  Can you sum up your entire outlook on life in one sentence?  Do you have a personal motto you live your life by?  How about a maxim that perfectly summarizes your thoughts and beliefs, the very principles and values you uphold and apply on a daily basis? 

‘You’ in a Few Words

This is your inner dictum, the adage with which you conduct yourself.  Maybe you unconsciously put it together when you were young by watching a childhood hero, or perhaps you were inspired by someone you knew who struggled and succeeded against all odds.

Whether you call it a slogan, a motto, or a mission sentence, the idea is to use the advantage of constraints to capture ‘you’ and all that you stand for in as few words as possible.

What’s the point?

To construct a single sentence that embraces your aspirations, values, passions, and purpose.  All these points motivate us.  They shape who we are, the way we live, the choices we make, and the paths we follow.  They are extremely important to know because they impact our lives whether we are aware of them or not.  You have already been living according to your mission sentence even if you didn’t realize it. You just haven’t consciously defined it yet.

Bear in mind, a mission sentence is worthless if it isn’t true to ‘you’.  It should represent something you are, not something you aren’t, never have been, or never will be.

A Powerful Tool

When you define your mission sentence, you craft a powerful tool for yourself.  You create an abbreviation of all your goals, values, and passions… a guiding symbol of your life’s story.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a phrase others will understand.  It’s not for them or for promotional purposes.  It’s for you.

Remember, words are not actually the things they represent. You cannot eat the word “delicious,”  “Delicious” is a just word that represents the sweet greatness of a tasty treat.

That’s what your mission sentence is all about, a clear representation of the greatness that is you.

Look inside yourself.  What’s your mission sentence?

As for me, I’ve lived by the same one for the last decade: “Trying is my business.”

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