7 Things Happy People Say Every Day

7 Things Happy People Say Every Day

You have the right words within you to make every day a happy one.

Here’s what you need to say and why:

1.  “Today is going to be a great day.”

If you’re reading this right now, SMILE, you’re alive.  The possibilities ahead of you are infinite, it’s true.  Think about this and let it inspire you.

A good life begins right now with a choice.  It’s going to be fun, finger-snapping kind of day if you want it to be.  Choose wisely and indulge in the goodness.  Enjoy the sights and sounds, watch the clouds, stare at the stars, and imagine yourself dancing among them.

Your life is for smiling, imagining, exploring, learning, hugging, sharing, caring, helping, and healing.  Choose to do these things.  Choose to make the most of the gift you’ve been given.  Wake up every morning in such a way that the negativity committee lingering in the back of your mind says, “Oh crap, not another happy day!”

2.  “I’m looking forward to it.”

William James once said, “Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.”  Everything you do is only as big as you are, and you grow by taking action and working hard.  But even more importantly, remember that hard work is only ‘hard to do’ only when it has no meaning to you.

If your daily work is becoming uninteresting, so is your life and so are you.  Your work is going to fill a large percentage of your time on Earth, so the only way to make the majority of it lively and interesting is by enthusiastically injecting yourself into work that aligns with your purpose.

That’s the key.  Find work that means something to you, or connect your work to a goal that has meaning, and then persist at it.  Read The Success Principles.

3.  “I’ll give it another try.”

Forget failure, or any other outcome whatsoever.  If you try something – to improve yourself, to eliminate debt, to lose weight, to make a relationship work, to make the world a better place, etc. – you have already achieved something brilliant regardless of the end result.  Trying is always enough.

If things don’t work out the way you had hoped, hold your head up and be proud that you gave it your best shot.  Then try again.  Ultimately, each mistake teaches you something new about your goal and yourself.  There is no failure except in never trying again.  It is always the courage to continue that counts in the end.

4.  “Hello.”

Life is a choir made up of many voices, including your own.  Join in and sing your part.  Let the harmony ring.  It may sound silly to you now, but sometimes all you need in life is for someone to sing beside you.

One day you’re going to look back on smiles and songs you shared with others and smile and sing some more.  Because it’s sincere human connections – the sharing of a moment – that gives life it’s best music.  Sometimes it happens when you reach out and help someone sing their verse, and other times it’s allowing another to reach out and help you sing yours.

5.  “Thank you.”

Gratitude leads to greatness.  It can literally turn what we have into more than enough, jobs into joy, chaos into order, uncertainty into clarity, and bring peace to an otherwise chaotic day.

The greatest way to make your blessings count is to count your blessings.  Acknowledging the good things you already have in your life is of the essence, because whatever you appreciate and give thanks for will grow stronger in your life.  Read The How of Happiness.

6.  “I’m OK.”

How you respond to life’s little tragedies is what shapes your character.  Crap happens sometimes, you’ve got to deal with it and move on.  Don’t hide from it.  If your dreams are out in the world somewhere and you’re inside hiding, the only new things that will gather in your mind are anxiety and bitterness.  Eventually that anxiety and bitterness will eat away at you and leave nothing behind but an unhappy shell of your former self.

So when the crap hits the fan, as it sometimes will, stop and say it out loud:  “I’m OK.”

Besides, the ones who fall and get up are so much stronger than the ones who never fell.  Often it’s the deepest difficulties which empower human beings to rise and grow into their highest, happiest selves.  The ones who win the race in the long run are usually not the quickest or luckiest, but the ones who have endured the most.  Read Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway.

7.  “It was a busy day.”

Happiness is a quest – a journey of magnitude.  It’s a something you feel – a longing that pulls your thoughts and efforts in a specific direction.  You strive for it daily, persisting in your pursuit against the odds, and sometimes find yourself traveling to faraway lands to get closer to it.

The happiest moments will be the unexpected breakthroughs on this lifelong journey, as you participate relentlessly in exploring and manifesting your own blessings.  Happiness will never be something you hold at the end, but something you DO to get there.

Once you find yourself in this state of happiness, it means you have found the right rhythm.  Don’t stop.  Maintain your efforts.  Enjoy yourself.  Keep journeying onward and upward.

Photo by: Carolyn Sewell


  1. Andrew says

    This is one of the best articles I have read in awhile.

    Definitely #1, gratitude, resonates with me the most… too often I think about how my life could be much better than it currently is. But then I realize that I have excellent health, a great job, 3 beautiful kids, and I live with the woman of my dreams… that always puts a smile on my face.

  2. says

    Great article! Not only notes about how happy people speak positively, but also a great guide for how to work on the tools for creating happiness on demand.

    Personally I find that happiness is the default state, and that we only stray from that to the extent that we are driven by unquestioned habits and/or unexamined assumptions about what we truly are. However, that requires some digging into, and there is no reason why you can’t use a therapeutic method to get more happiness in your daily life at the same time.

  3. Gaurav says

    Another nice post indeed.
    Your viewpoint on this Marc (or anyone) would be appreciated – Regarding the last line in this post: “Once you find yourself in this state of happiness, it means you have found the right rhythm. Don’t stop. Maintain your efforts. Enjoy yourself.”

    I have always tried maintaining efforts in the quest of gaining more in my life when it comes to happiness, because regretting something that I once had, just because of not maintaining the efforts required to keep it, makes me feel bad.
    But my friends and family often tell me I am too busy to enjoy happiness in my life – somewhere I am confused about it.

    How do you take this up?
    What is the way to enjoy happiness and make the necessary efforts to achieve what you want in life?
    Awaiting Your Viewpoint… :)

  4. matty says

    Very motivating. I have been having a lot of personal battles with some of these things especially number 3. It’s nice to know that these problems are somewhat normal and that they can be overcome. Thanks for the tips.

  5. says

    #6 and #7… amazing! Totally speaks to me as I often feel disillusioned about my journey.

    I’m definitely going to work these into my days, several times a day!

  6. says

    This article has some sort of contagious effect to it. You can’t help but smile while reading this. For me, reading number one made me light up just from the heading before you even told me to smile.

  7. says

    Your second point is an important one for me. But it applies to so much more than just our work.

    “I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

    This is how I tell it to myself. I apply it in all endeavors. It shapes every thought I have. Every action I take.

    Appreciating challenge, instead of avoiding it, will go a long way towards improving one’s happiness.


  8. says

    The beauty of this is the simplicity. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in “finding happiness” that we overlook all of the simple opportunities to bring ourselves and others joy. Sometimes happiness can be found in a “hello.” Love this!

  9. says

    What a great list! I think it’s important to also remember that being happy is not about being Constantly happy, every single moment of every day, but more how the little happy moments add up to a great day. The way we respond to each of these moments, as you have listed, significantly contributes to and helps define our happiness.

  10. says

    Number 3. is just perfect for me – I’ve stuck it on my wall – thanks M&A for another insightful, inspiring and – as always – challenging proposition, just at the right time.


  11. Sara says

    Great article! Just BTW, Benjamin Disraeli said the quote in #2, not William James. It’s from his 1870 novel Lothair. (Project Gutenberg has the quote as “Action may not always be happiness, but there is no happiness without action.”)

  12. Deb Perkins says

    Blessings & Thanks have been spilling out of me lately & your fantastic words of wisdom, hope, & joy have aided me on my way. XO

  13. Renee says

    Hello Marc, thank you for this wonderful post!
    As of RIGHT NOW I choose a good life – that is my choice; after so much heartache and pain in my past, now I choose to move ahead, face my fears make sincere connections, appreciate what I have, deal with all the “crap” as it happens and move on!!!
    No more hiding for me.
    Thank you for all your empowering words and thoughtful script.
    One other point that resonated for me in a vast way … “Your work is going to fill a large percentage of your time on Earth, so the only way to make the majority of it lively and interesting is by enthusiastically injecting yourself into work that aligns with your purpose”.
    I am choosing to seek my intent and discover my purpose – I will find my passions and work to align my career and lifepath with those in the forefront at all times.
    I admire you both, very much.

  14. Toni Kunz says

    #7 is an interesting one for me. I have found that it’s the “quality” of my busy that counts, not the quantity. Every so often, I have to step back and reflect: “what am I doing?”. If the answer does not produce growth, happiness, health, good relations, service to others, survival or enrichment, maybe I need to do less of it ;-). This holds true at work, at home, and otherwise.

    When I am “busy” with the right things, happiness, peace and clarity follow.

  15. says

    Great points on the thoughts of happy people! I’d add a few more to the list:
    “I learned something new today. I’m growing everyday.” – Happiness is about not obsessing over income increases, climbing the career ladder but actually progressing in your skills and learning new things. That’s what keeps life interesting.
    “I did something I loved today.” – Live your life with passion. Make sure you do at least one thing you love a day. That’s what fuels you through the tough times :)

  16. says

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Looks like a few of you have specific questions/comments that require my attention. I’m on my iPhone and on the run right now, but I’ll jump online when I get home later this evening and reply. Stand by.

    PS: I hope everyone is having a productive day. :)

  17. says

    @Gaurav: It’s simply a matter of creating balance in your life – balance between activity and rest, balance between work and family, balance between getting things done and leaving them undone, etc. Without balance, everything falls out of whack.

    @Trevor, Jocelyn, and Li-ling: Excellent points. I couldn’t agree more.

    @Sara: I’ll have to look up this quote’s source again. Thank you for the correction.

    @Renee: Awesome. Keep going.

    @Toni Kunz: So true. There is a huge difference between being busy and being productively busy.

    @Susanna: Wise additions. Thank you.

    @All: As always, thank you… thank you.

  18. Gaurav says

    Indeed I need to learn the art of striking the right balance in life ..
    Absolutely Without balance, everything falls out of whack, So true ..
    Thanks For replying :)

  19. Adriano Ribeiro says

    Your website goes well with relaxation music.
    I am often listening to some calm song while reading. :)

    Really expands the experience.

  20. Ria says

    I find the quest for happiness in and of itself to be an illusion and some what of a set up. Although I agree and appreciate your 7 points, and believe they can help, I think peace is the underlying principal we all look for. With peace and acceptance of what is one finds the bliss that lives underneath everything.

    The constant search for something better screws with our minds. The illusion of reality is that it is an illusion. The force of Creation is so much more powerful and beyond anything that a human could call happiness. Our incessant need to have, do and be more is the illusion. The power of the unspoken lives within us all. This is the quest, as I see it. When I am in touch with this nothing else matters. I am home, complete, whole and ready.

  21. says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do and all of the beauty and wisdom you spread. Thank you for being one of my “must reads” and for giving me so much to think about.

  22. Kristine says

    I just wrote this onto a sheet of yellow paper and hung it on my kitchen cabinet to have as a daily reminder! Thank you!

  23. Jeff Woolf says

    Somehow I always feel a little better after reading your articles. I’m very glad that I came across you guys and I hope you continue to do this as it has given me the inspiration to be happy! Be well!

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