4 Ways to LIVE Today, and Not Merely Exist

4 Ways to LIVE Today, and Not Merely Exist

Throughout your life, there will be times when the world gets real quiet and the only thing left is the beat of your own heart.  So you’d better learn the sound of it, otherwise you’ll never understand what it’s telling you.

The wisest and happiest among us are those who are respectful of their time, and who use it productively to grow as they age.  Sadly though, far too many of us age much faster than we grow.  We spend so much of our lives going through the external motions of what society tells us “maturity” is – getting married, buying a house, working our way up the corporate ladder, etc. – that we fail to concentrate on our own inner growth and goals.  We never allocate enough time just for us.

Part of the problem is that we’re always waiting for some condition to resolve itself at some point in the future.  We believe that the right time to take the next step with our own personal development is somehow going to magically happen tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and so on.  But one day we wake up and realize we’re no closer than we were long ago.  We find ourselves asking, “How did it get so late, and why haven’t I moved?”  In other words, we’ve aged, but we never grew to our true potential.  We never fulfilled ourselves.

Let this be your wake-up call.  Right now is LIFE.  Indulge in it!  Make it count.  Because it’s happening…

And that’s precisely why we recorded today’s video for you – to help you make the most of it.

Video Blog Post:

4 Ways to LIVE Today (video transcript):

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1.  Invest the present in what matters most to you.

You are the customer of a bank called Time.  Every morning it credits you with eighty-six thousand, four hundred seconds.  Every night it writes off, as a loss, whatever remainder you have failed to invest to good purpose.  It carries over no balance.  It allows no overdraft.

Each day it opens a new account for you with the same deposit of eighty-six thousand, four hundred seconds.  Each night it burns the remains of the day.

If you fail to use the day’s deposits, the loss is yours.  There is no going back.  There is no drawing against the tomorrow.  You must live in the present on today’s deposits only.  Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness, and success.

You’re making withdrawals right this second.  The only question is: Are you making them count?

2.  Focus on writing your own life story, your way.

Remember that every moment counts.  Every second matters.  Honestly, whatever is given is a gift.

So don’t be so satisfied with the success stories of others and how things have gone for them that you forget to write your own.  Unfold your own tale and bring it to life.  You have everything you need to become what you are capable of becoming.  Incredible change happens when you decide to take control.  This means consuming less and creating more.  It means refusing to let others do your thinking, talking, and deciding for you.  It means learning to respect and use your own ideas and instincts to write your passage.

If you want your life story to soar to new heights, you’ve got to clear a path, reduce the time-sinks and burdens weighing you down, and pick up the things that give you wings.  Keep your best wishes and your biggest goals close to your heart and dedicate time to them every day.  If you truly care about what you do and you work diligently at it, there’s almost nothing you can’t accomplish.  (Read The Last Lecture.)

3.  Live what you preach.

Remember that thinking and doing are two very different things.  Success never comes to look for you while you wait around thinking about it.

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.  Knowledge is basically useless without action.  Good things don’t come to those who wait; they come to those who work on meaningful goals.  Ask yourself what’s really important and then have the courage to build your life around your answer.

Identify what’s most important to you.  Prune nonessential commitments.  Eliminate as much as you possibly can of everything else.  No wasted time, no fluff, no regrets.

And remember, if you wait until you feel 100% ready to begin, you’ll likely be waiting the rest of your life.

So challenge yourself to be who you know you are capable of being.  Challenge yourself to follow through – to live what you preach, to walk your talk.  Don’t worry about how slowly you feel you’re heading towards your goals, or how many roadblocks you find, or how many detours you’re forced to take.  As long as you keep doing your thing, you’re still cruising far ahead of everyone who’s too scared to even try.

4.  Step boldly into the unknown.

And don’t buy into the myth of the perfect moment either.  Moments aren’t perfect; they’re what you make them.  So many people wait around for the stars to align to do what they’re here to do.  The perfect moment, the perfect opportunity, the perfect state of being, etc.  Wake up!  These states of perfection are myths.  They do not exist.

Your ability to grow to your highest potential is directly related to your willingness to act in the face of imperfection.  You will come to succeed not by finding a perfect moment, but by learning to see and use life’s imperfections perfectly.

So ask yourself this: “When it’s all said and done, will I have said more than I’ve done?”  Let your answer be NO!

May your actions speak louder than your words.  May your life preach louder than your lips.  May your success be your noise in the end.

And if life only teaches you one thing, let it be that taking a passionate leap is always worth it.  Even if you have no idea where you’re going to land yet, be brave enough to step up to the edge of the unknown, and listen to your heart every now and then.  You’re worth it.  (Marc and I discuss this in more detail in the “Passion and Growth” chapter of 1,000 Little Things Happy, Successful People Do Differently.)

The floor is yours…

As you know, Marc and I are committed to making the most of life along with you.  In fact, we try to make every day count by doing two simple things:

  1. We take at least one step that moves closer to one of our goals.
  2. We spend an hour doing something that makes us laugh.

Today, we challenge you to do the same.  So please leave a comment below and let us know what you’re going to do to make your TODAY count.

PS:  Oh, and please let us know what you think of the video too.  We intend to record one new video blog every month going forward.


  1. Melissa Webster says

    @EmilyFillaromo Great advice. I’m doing exactly that right now and discarding all the emotional baggage from my past so I can finally move forward and get on with my life. I’m throwing it out into the Universe to do with it what it will and never looking back again, and finally not giving it a second thought or worrying about what happens to it.

  2. says

    Hi Marc and Angel,

    Great to finally see you two on video :)

    Consuming less and creating more is my mantra.

    Your # 1? I do this every day, even if it’s just a few minutes.

    #2. I need to work on this one, but do love it.

    I’ve penned my 23rd post on a 2nd blog that’s yet to go live. This is a project I’m extremely excited about and it’s a project I truly hope will change some lives. As a middle-aged guy who took forever to really, truly get “it” what can I say … I’m more excited than ever.

    Funny, I started reading your blog eight years ago, but just started on my blogging venture a few short years ago.

    I’m sure you’ll keep helping people bust a move … especially with these videos. Have a great weekend!

  3. virtue kwaku abane says

    I love your inspirational words and I’ve been keeping them very close to my heart for the challenges I deal with in my day to day life. Since I started receiving your posts in my inbox, I’ve learned a lot – to achieve victory we must mass our forces at the hub of all powers and movements….the enemy’s center of gravity. You ‘re really saving a lot of lives. Keep doing that. Greetings to you both.

  4. says

    So many of us defer our happiness until the next big moment – the promotion, vacation, wedding… but life, and all its beauty and mystery and challenges, is unfolding right here, right now.

    Motivation comes after I take action, not before. I’ve spent years with my head in books looking for “the answer”. It’s not there. It’s in what I’m doing, who I’m being, what I’m thinking and feeling, my attitude and the direction I’m going in this moment. And my results always reflect whether I’m investing my time or wasting it!

    Great post, love the video – it seems to make your message more personal. I’d like to see more…

  5. nistha says

    Marc and Angel,

    I used to compare myself to others thinking this person is better than me, beautiful than me successful than me and used to get depressed. I used to get jealous and then stress myself out. I used to be guilty of what I used to thinking. I have been trying to get better since last 4 years and indeed I have succeeded. I look at my life in a different way, perceive things positively and I have this great energy within myself that I am proud of. Your blog has helped me a lot. You guys are true inspiration. Last but not the least, you make such a beautiful couple.

  6. says

    That video is awesome, you guys are super energetic and optimistic that it’s contagious!

    And you’ve made some excellent points there! It’s too bad we forget to live our lives our own way and not give up – though we all know this in theory, we’re still best at giving this advice to others instead of implementing it in our own lives.

    Thank you so much for sharing this! This was a great read and a wonderful reminder to live our lives to the fullest!

  7. Jessica says

    I stumbled onto your blog about 4 months ago, I’ve looked forward to and devoured each new post since. This last one really hit me. I know there’s got to be more than the life I’ve been living. I’ve been in limbo for so long. Too afraid to live, too afraid to die. But, your posts have brought me into positive action.

    Thank you.


  8. Lee says

    Moving one step closer to my goals: I got a workout in (and will get another later) to help me lose weight that needs to go, and am studying for a Linear Algebra exam so I can do well in my math class, which will help me get into graduate school. Very small steps, but small steps add up into big journeys!

    I don’t know that I’ll get any laughs in today, but I’ve had plenty of smiles =)

  9. says

    As always, thank you so much for keeping the conversation alive. Seriously inspiring to hear about the great things everyone is up to. 😉

    Marc and I are so happy you all enjoyed the video and found the content helpful.

    Over the next day or so, we will be emailing a few of you who required a personal (and more private in my opinion) response.

  10. Mitch K says

    How do you overcome the fear that a leap into the unknown is into a bottomless hole, or a swamp, or onto a concrete surface that breaks your bones, or a landmine?

    The fear that the leap is a thing you can do one time only, because when it goes wrong it will go so wrong you’ll be lucky to be able to crawl afterwards, never mind leap again.

    This is a real fear. How can you get past that the great leap, for the big target, doesn’t inevitably work and could leave you ruined? If you gamble, you can win big, but lose bit too.

  11. says

    @Mitch K: The key is to make small gambles – small leaps. Step up to the edge of your comfort zone and take a step. If you trip, no big deal – lesson learned. Adjust your approach and take a new step.

    The only way you lose if if you try to bite off more than you can chew.

    Small steps, little leaps, and tiny habits (a very small repetitive change) will get you there safely.

  12. Vanessa says

    LOVE your posts!!! I have created a new folder in my emails and am keeping them so I can go back and read them any time I want! My my new goal is to start living MY life MY way and not the way of anyone else’s! I am always trying to please other people and make other people happy and won’t do things because they don’t want me to – well, not anymore!!! It’s MY life and I’m gonna live it My way!!! Thanks Marc and Angel! LOVE your posts! Please, keep them coming!!! X o

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