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11 Little Signs You’re Doing Just Fine

11 Signs You’re Doing Just Fine

by Ernest Dempsey

Focus on what you don’t have and you will never have enough.  Be thankful for what you do have and you will end up having even more.

It’s a vague feeling you can’t quite put your finger on.  From the outside, people might think you have an awesome life, but they can’t see what’s going on in your head.  Emptiness fills your thoughts and emotions all too often, nagging at you throughout the day.  You set goals but they never satisfy your ego.  The search can seem almost endless at times.

And the question continues to circulate throughout your mind:  “How do I find happiness?”

You don’t have to live like this.  Fortunately, there is a better way to view the world that will lead to what you seek.  The first step along the way is to stop searching.  You will never find happiness by continuously looking for it.  When you focus on the lack of something in your life, what you seek will always elude you.

Rather than dwelling on what is missing, begin to look at what you have.  This isn’t just about material items.  It can be people, experiences, pets, or anything else you have present in your life.  When you focus on the abundance you already have, the negative feelings that come from lacking something else gradually fade from your conscious.

Having trouble thinking of some things to feel grateful for?  Here’s a short list of things you have to smile about – some obvious signs you’re doing just fine in life:

  1. You have food available to eat. – When you eat something today, even if it’s just a small snack, give thanks.  Savor it and appreciate the fact that you can grab something to eat anytime you’re hungry.  Stop and think about the farmers and manufacturers who provided it, and even the people who distributed the food to your location.  A lot of work goes into making your food available to you.  Be grateful for it.
  2. There is a nearby faucet with clean water. – In many parts of the world clean water is not readily available.  Some people walk miles just to get water that is dirty and contaminated.  Others struggle through tough terrain and incredible danger to get access to the very same quality of water you have on-demand access to.  So next time you turn on your faucet, smile.
  3. You take a warm shower at least once a day. – Speaking of water, this one is so easy to take for granted, especially if you shower every morning just to freshen yourself up.  So many people don’t have access to clean water, let alone clean warm water that can instantly wash over their skin and help them greet the morning.  You do, however, and this is a true privilege.
  4. You have your own comfortable bed. – When you get home after a long day and plop down on your bed to rest, it’s easy to forget how miserable you would be without it.  It’s easy to forget about the thousands of people in this world that don’t have this luxury.  So next time you lay down on your bed, take a second and feel how soft and comfy it is and say, “Thank you.”  As you close your eyes, let appreciation pour from your heart.
  5. There’s a roof over your head and walls around you. – While you’re in your bed at night drifting off to sleep, think about the roof that’s keeping you dry and safe.  It’s kind of a big deal.  Bugs and wild animals could have their way with you without your home’s roof and walls.  You would also be at the mercy of all the elements:  rain, cold, snow, wind, heat, sun, etc.
  6. You can control the temperature of your environment. – This one gets forgotten easily, until it’s the middle of July and the air conditioning stops working, or the middle of winter and the heat doesn’t come on.  While things are in working order, be grateful each time you adjust the thermostat in your home or car and it begins to change the temperature of your environment.
  7. You don’t have to walk everywhere. – Whether you have a car, a bike, or just enough money to get where you need to go using public transportation, it sure is nice to have the option not to walk.  Appreciate the fact that you have some way to get around, even if it isn’t the classiest conveyance available.
  8. You’re wearing clean clothes. – You may not have the nicest, the newest, or the trendiest clothes.  You may even have a stain or two on your favorite pair of jeans, but they are clean and they keep you warm and comfortable.  Every day when you open your dresser drawer, look at all the options you have and smile.  Grab a piece of clothing and take a big whiff of that clean, fresh laundry scent.  Life is good.
  9. Morning coffee and tea is an option. – (I’m mentioning this because it’s one of my personal favorites.)  Instead of just gulping down your daily cup of joe or tea, try sipping on it slowly, savoring every little bit.  Enjoy the steamy goodness, the earthy tones, and the smooth balance of flavors.  Savor the goodness and let it remind you of how fortunate you are.
  10. There are people in this world who love you. – Life is happiest when it’s shared.  Cherish your close friends and family members.  You’re lucky to have them.  Even in life’s hardest times, you can sustain yourself with the love they give to you.  They are significant; never forget how significant.
  11. There is oxygen available to breathe. – This is perhaps the most universal luxury we all take for granted.  Your life wouldn’t last very long without it.  Take a deep, slow breath and feel your lungs expand.  Someone once said oxygen is something we don’t think about until we don’t have it.  So go ahead, take a moment and think about it now.

Recognizing these simple luxuries you already have in your life on a daily basis can take you from a mindset of wishing you had more, to a mindset of joyful appreciation.  Give it a try.

Your turn…

What would you add to the list?  What’s something you’re grateful for that you sometimes take for granted?  Please leave a comment below and let the community know.

Author Bio:  Ernest Dempsey is a counselor and fiction author from Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Check out his books and his powerful blog posts at or follow him on Twitter @ErnDempsey.

Photo by: Tanzil Tafheem

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  • I’m grateful for the reminders above, and this past week my home country (Philippines) suffered from a terrible typhoon, so I am grateful my family is safe from injuries. Life in itself is enough to be grateful for.

  • As always, thanks for some great perspective. We all are indeed fortunate people. I am grateful for a life filled with things I love to do and for the resources to do them.

  • Great reminder of the need to appreciate what we have.

    I am grateful for this moment and everything in it.

  • As a spoiled only child, I always took everything for granted, but then I spent my summer in Ghana, and suddenly all I was looking for was a warm shower (we had one cold bucket per day) and some food without ants, etc. So when I arrived home, I just started crying, cause everything was so clean. Now, more then two months later, I still enjoy my long hot shower every morning.

    So I can only agree with all your points, and in two years time, when my memory of this summer isn’t is fading, I hope to remind myself by reading your blog and filling my mind with appreciation again. Also, I especially loved the tea point, cause, if people ask me what I need to have a good day, it’s nothing more then a great cup of tea, and a shower would be nice, too.

  • Curled up under my electric blanket as I partake in my nightly gratitude inventory, I am humbled by the above reminders; thank you! I am grateful for this beautiful life and for being graced with the kindest husband imaginable, both of which I briefly took for granted but never will again.

  • A functioning sewage system. Super important for health and well being and quality of life, and so taken for granted.

  • Love these optimistic views. We have a lot to be thankful for but it can be hard to remember how lucky we are. All of us here have the ability to read words written by someone else. We enter their brains and collect their thoughts! How cool is that?

  • “check” for all the things listed above.

    - I am grateful to have a wonderful family.

    - I have faced some hard phases in life. but I am grateful to all the angels who helped me lessen the burden I had to carry.

    - I am grateful for the times I got “plain lucky” in some situations.

    - I am grateful to have people in my life who, though are not my family, still stand by my side and offer me support and strength.

    - I am grateful that I am blessed with a mind ready to absorb knowledge and the ability to memorize just about anything.

    - I am grateful that there are situations in life where I have to face difficulties alone, I have it in me to face these challenges head on.

  • A great way to get started with gratitude practice is to write down three things that you’re grateful for before you to sleep each night. Doing this exercise has been proven to actually rewire your brain to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

    I’m grateful that I get to read awesome articles like these every day for free (!!) :)

  • I am grateful for this article! Whenever I want to manifest something in life, I tend to focus more of the lack of what I want instead of appreciating what I already have. Just the reminder I needed. Thank you :)

  • Sometimes we all need reminders! This reminded me that things could be worse - appreciate everyday, and be thankful for it.

  • I am grateful for the books I have. They are replete with so many wonders that can keep me reading for hours without even noticing time passing. I love my books.

  • This was perfect and timely. I had to leave town for a job interview, my son sees his doc today for his initial discussions about oncology options. I needed…and, I shared. “Angel” is more than just a name. Thank you.

  • Memories and the capacity to learn, live and make new memories.

  • I am thankful for Marc and Angel, and the ability to receive these amazing reminders each week.

  • I am grateful for health and the ability to create, whether by cooking, crafting, gardening… We have what we need at our fingertips, and the gift of seeing what can be created from materials at hand.

  • I think we take nature’s little gifts for granted…and get caught up in a mindless chase…great reminder!!

  • The fact that we are alive and breathing gives us always a chance to be grateful for everything & everyone around us. When your heart is filled with gratefulness, you become humble & nonjudgmental. You flow with life and live in rhythm of giving & receiving.

  • I’m very thankful because despite so many trials, God is always there beside me to help me and guide me. And thank you so much for making and maintaining this website. It has helped me a lot with thinking more positively about what matters most in life. It boost my confidence when I’m really feeling down and troubled.

  • Well now, that was easy… :)

  • I’m always grateful that I live in a country where a woman can live safely alone, own her own home and have a life of her own. So many women in the world don’t have this luxury, and I am thankful every day.

  • What a pleasure it is to wake up in the morning feeling good, having my health. Not being nauseous or having to go to radiation and chemo. I am most grateful. I can enjoy that cup of coffee. Thank God.

  • Great timing, hits home on a day like today. Thanks for the great post.

  • I am grateful for my body. It is not a model’s body by any means and it is overweight. Even so, my feet carry me where I want to go, my legs allow me to run, my arms hug my children and husband every chance they get and hopefully my smile helps brighten others’ days.

  • I’m thankful for friends I can talk with, my grandmother & her stories and easy access to internet :)

  • I want to thank both of you. The things you share on your site every week has literally picked me up out of a dark, deep hole I was falling deeper and deeper into. You have certainly shown me the positive light over the last year.

  • If everyone in this world read this, the world would be a better place. It’s the little things! And I too am thankful for this website and insights! Free Therapy!

  • Yes. This is so true! i have been watching the news lately and seeing the damage the typhoon Yolanda has done to our brothers and sisters from the Philippines is really heartbreaking. When I read the article, i imagined how these people struggle for food, water and shelter. Things we all take for granted.

  • I am Thankful for my eyes. To be able to see is a Blessing I think.

  • I’m grateful for having all the resources in my life that I need to live my passion. And I’m grateful for having people in my life who support me with that.

  • I am thankful for being 52 and still having both my parents and they are happy and healthy and have good healthcare. Almost lost my Dad last year to a sudden illness and that put everything into perspective real fast. I took them both for granted that they would be there everyday. WAKE UP CALL…

  • Just this morning I was thinking of those who had everything at their disposal and I thought to myself that even if I don’t have all the money I want, I have my family and I just believe in God that everything will be just fine. I’m thankful for now & tomorrow.

  • I am most grateful for being able to wake-up each day to my two beautiful and healthy children.

  • I am thankful for my health and being able to be active with my children.

  • I love this refreshingly simple post, Ernest–thank you!

    The one item I’d add, which somehow never gets old for me, is the magic of being able to flip a tiny switch at any time of the day or night and have just the right amount of light–whether it’s a wash of brilliance to make my work surface clearly visible or the warm, subdued glow of my bedside lamp as I unwind with a good book before nodding off for the night. :)

  • I recently had to start over after a divorce. I moved into a warehouse with an apartment so I could start a carpentry business and have a place to sleep at night. A friend donated a couch for me to sleep on. Slowly, I bought used appliances so I could cook and refrigerate my few groceries. Times were sparse, but I was happy with what I had.

    A year has passed. Now it’s much more comfortable than when I started. I’m still grateful! It’s been a long and lonely road, but I’m making it!

  • Reading this elicited a myriad of emotions for me. 1. made me realize just how selfish I have become; 2. that I do not take nearly enough time to stop and truly revel in the beauty of this life I have been given–yes, it was given to me by my Mother and she deserves every ounce of gratitude for each and every breath I take; 3. I have taken far too much for granted; and 4. this post makes me want to be a better ‘me’ and I fully intend upon striving for that from this second onward.

    Thank you for this and for inspiring me to be a better, more authentic Me.

  • I’m thankful for free public education, libraries and Internet so I can always learn. I’m thankful for public health so that even if I don’t have health insurance, if I can make it to a hospital, someone will take care of me.

  • Faith. Sometimes when I lose faith, and consequently hope, I realize how dark my experience in this life can be. So I’m grateful for the ability to have faith and hope.

    This blog has tremendously helped me in a renewing of mind–a work in progress–and I’m so thankful for the light you shine! And the commenters don’t realize how much they help too! I’m grateful for a community.

    Also, warm socks just out of the dryer on a cold day. Wow.

  • A happy, healthy child. After losing one you appreciate every moment. So many people can’t have kids, have lost children…so the next time your child has a tantrum, be grateful he is there to be able to do it.

  • Simple, yet powerful reminders of all the things that we take for granted that most of us have in abundance.

    It is a great reminder that even when we are down and depressed there are many people in the world far less fortunate than we are.

    The little pleasures and conveniences really should help to ease our day not make us jealous of those who have more.


  • I just love all these comments. What an amazing, and gratitude-filled community exists here. You all are awesome people.

    Right now, I am appreciating good coffee, and the little space heater in my office since it’s 35 degrees outside. :)

    And thank you for sharing that, Kelly.

  • Awesome story, James. Thank you for sharing that. Such a powerful tribute to pushing through.

  • I am so thankful for all of the smooth jazz artists and the incredible new sonic dimensions they have achieved, sublime, legendary and obscure, musical endeavors in high art form. Unfurled for my generation. Resonate with them and raise your ownAlso hi-def audio technology!!

    Try: Fourplay: Once upon a Love
    Try: Ken Navarro: Love coloured soul
    Try: Peter White: Beuno Funk

    “and if thine own eye be dark, how great that darkness is”

    Damn its dark in here….don’t multiply it.

  • Julie, don’t beat yourself up.
    You are on the right path.

  • I am thankful for people like you, who find a way, small or large, to help others. Who reach out and try to make a difference. There is probably no way to know how many lives you touch, but whether it’s 1 or 1 million, it counts. I am thankful of your kind hearts that reached out and made a difference in my life today. I truly needed it.

  • I’m grateful for another day of sobriety… and all of the blessings that come with it.

  • I’m not grateful for any of these, because if any of these would be missing in my life, I would have a purpose - to attain it. You may feel sorry for the ones that are lacking a roof on their head, or good sanitation, or whatever, but I think it’s better to have more real problems in life and with that less room for imaginary ones. It gives you an instant purpose and a purposeful life is the key to a long-term happiness.

  • I am thankful for people like you, who are kind and gentle enough to focus their lives on making a difference. There is no way to measure how many lives you touch. But whether it’s 1 or 1 million, you are helping people. And isn’t that’s what life is all about? I can tell you that you most certainly have touched 1 life today. Mine. I desperately needed your words today. Thank you for your kindness.

  • -Eyes that see
    -Ears that hear
    -Lips that speak
    -Hands that can reach, clasp, hold
    -Feet that can walk under their own ability
    -The ability to smell a flower, fresh baked bread
    -Laughter and tears

  • Faith: We can’t forget our friends who comment on the posts.

  • Marc and Angel, my apologies. I sent a blank. My fingers and keyboard are not gettin along well today, lol.

    Faith. “Being certain of what you wish for, and sure of what you do not see.” Wishes do come true when we wish for the right things. I’ve seen it and felt it but it’s hard to explain in words. It does make me smile from my toes to my eyes when it comes. I am thankful for the long time friend who recommended getting connected with Marc and Angel, and all of you above. Without even knowing it we keep each other grounded, and we don’t even know each other personally.

  • I’m so grateful for inspiration when I want to write poetry or a football article. I often wonder where inspiration comes from? Maybe you could use that for one of your wonderful pieces? But wherever it comes from… either from within or from the universe… I give thanks.

  • I’m so grateful for having the ability to read (thank you teachers everywhere).

    Thank you for another great article to remind me to be grateful for the things I so easily take for granted.

  • I am thankful for this article! And if I were to add one thing it would be freedom. As a citizen of the US, I would say this is a big one for me. Way too many people are not so lucky.

  • Grateful for this post! Thank you for reminding us of the many blessings we take for granted.

  • THIS: Vincent, yes. Literacy and education, the ability to obtain knowledge and information, is the foundation to everything beautiful in this world, and I am so grateful for it. My laptop has been my most prized possession for a very long time.

    I’m also grateful for this website and all the people who comment on here every week. You guys helped me through a really difficult time.

    As someone who’s gone without all of the things (except oxygen) on this list in the recent past, I am grateful every single day for the little comforts I have now in my life, and all the “angels” who helped me along the way.

    Going through hunger without enough food to eat, without the safety and stability of shelter, without a support system of people who love and accept you, without a simple shower, really puts life into perspective and makes all those ‘first-world’ problems seem shallow and insignificant. What a spoiled brat I had been! I’m grateful to have experienced what it’s like for the less fortunate among us, here in our own country. And I’m even more grateful for the resources I had to pull out of it.

    Life may not be how I’d planned it or hoped it would turn out, but it’s still really damn amazing.

    Thank you once again for a wonderful post to start the day with. - Melissa

  • Thank you for helping to put things in perspective, and also for all your postings. Much appreciated.

  • Everyday… I’m grateful to have a job to go to and receive my pay check every second Friday.

  • Thank you for reminding me of how selfish I can be sometimes. There are tons of things that I am grateful for, but yet and still I complain… I am 100% grateful for a sane mind and the ability to read this article. I’m grateful for my family and my life period. I am grateful for GOD having my back.. I needed that..

  • Deborah Bountiful
    November 13th, 2013 at 3:46 pm

    Interesting. I do NOT have several of these things, and I feel VERY blessed and abundant!

  • I am grateful that I can make choices. As a retired person (with more than adequate finances, but not “wealthy”) I can chose what I want to do every day.

  • The simple joy that my new kitten brings me….. especially this part in the day when I’ve just got home and he comes running up to me to say hi. Being able to provide for and love what would have otherwise been a feral city cat is awesome.

  • Love it, Deborah!

  • Wow what a great article! So happy to have found this blog. This article does put things in perspective. Its the little things that we take for granted so often.
    Clean water, morning coffee! Just be grateful and happiness will come.

  • A nicely written reminder of what we are blessed with is not always those grand things of our dreams but the simple things in life that nourish, sustain and encourage our growth.

  • A job. And one that I am fortunate enough to enjoy most of the time!

  • Cool sun-filled spring days, the gentle patter of rain, green trees and birdsong.

  • Someone to love, and be loved in return…

  • Here’s one…I am happy about and grateful for the ability to reach out to people around the world, through the technology and social networks we’ve set up. I am happy about the opportunity to serve people far and wide…to let my stuff influence them and vice versa.

    All this communication is raising the level of consciousness and awareness…in individuals and collectively. May not always seem like it, but it is something very good.

    Thanks for some great reminders.

  • Stretching my legs out in bed to get more room and feeling my feet hit a rock: my dog who won’t budge. And loving it, no matter how uncomfortable I am.

  • I just opened a letter from the tax man and have been reassessed and now owe six times, yes six times what I previously owed…but you know what?

    I decided to sit and meditate and not let this situation take a hold of me and send me spiraling.

    I’m grateful for the following:

    - God
    - my life and health
    - my wonderful son
    - my job and amazing boss
    - my warm, cozy home
    - the ability to sit, comfort and listen to my coworker who was overwhelmed and crying
    - that I will find a way to pay off my tax debt!

  • Thanks a ton, Marc and Angel, for sharing another beautiful post! I feel blessed for the people in my life more than anything else..they are what make my life worth living!

    Reading all the pointers above as well as the comments make me feel grateful for the quality of life I live! I’m thankful for all the technological advancements we it cellphones or the helps me stay in constant touch with my loved ones…however far away they may be…

    @Patrick Edbald: I’ve been practicing the same method of writing down 3 things to be grateful for every day (guess I started it after reading about it in one of these blogs) It really does make a difference! :)

    @Drew:I couldn’t agree more!Love makes the world go ’round!

    Looking forward to more…

  • I am grateful for God. When I am at my lowest point and feel like I have no one to turn to, I can always bow my head and say a little prayer to praise him, or to ask for forgiveness, or for a little help, a pick me up for that day or week. Even if you have little to no friends or family for that matter, you do have a Father who is there for you at all times. He doesn’t judge you or neglect you no matter what you have done. I am so very grateful for him and to know that when I pass on, I will be meeting him at the glorious gates of Heaven. Without God, we wouldn’t have those 11 little things to be grateful for. Always remember that!

  • All your articles that I’ve been reading for the past maybe 3 months are so great… so full of inspiration & positive thinking that I am really grateful to you from the bottom of my heart. I sure want to meet you two sometime, though I don’t know if & when it will be possible.

  • Although in the Autumn of my life, I have never lost the ability to be grateful and to see beauty in all and everything. I also seem to be able to forgive readily, (although I can get hurt again) and forget past problems to leave space in my heart and mind for what’s happening TODAY! And thank you for pointing out even a cuppa can be savored too!

  • I have slept on the street, I have gone days without food or fresh water, I have lived in ways that few people my age could imagine. I am 20. Even in my darkest days, I reminded myself to always be grateful for the human ability to feel. No matter how horrible life gets, you will always be able to reach out and run your fingers through a cats fur, fall and scrape your knee, feel the velvety softness of the petals of a rose. Life is truly a miracle.

  • I always believe one should start with the little things we take for granted, the list you gave is pretty inclusive, but I would also add the use of all your senses and limbs, that is one blessing we should have and not take for granted, to be able to take a breath naturally and easily without struggling.

    These small things can help the ball rolling into the bigger things.

  • Great post! I am so very thankful that my fingers work just fine so that I am able to respond… smiling…

    Thank you.

  • I love the title of this post (and the post)!

    It is easy to get caught up in the trials we all experience, but when you sit, take a moment and really just let life sink in, then we truly are doing just fine.

  • Thanks for awesome post. We forget about the natural gifts and we do not thankful for what we have. We should be thankful to God for his gifts and for this awesome life.

  • I am grateful that whenever I read your incredible bits if wisdom, I become a better person. Thank you for your insights and wisdom.

  • I am grateful to all the people who commented! :)
    Thank you for sharing your life experiences, especially you Weaver! :) Even in the darkest of days, there is always HOPE!

    Marc & Angel, I can’t thank you enough!

  • I’m appreciative of being able to read. Sadly there are many in this world who can’t enjoy the beauty of literature or many other aspects of reading because they don’t know how to.

  • Parents - I am grateful to my parents by whom I am here on this planet.

    Health - I am grateful to my good health; I can enjoy all the happiness of life.

    Family and Children - Healthy and beautiful family with whom I spend my life happily and safely.

    Consciousness - I am feeling my being only when I am consciousness about my self.

  • Wonderful post. It’s always good to be reminded that mindfulness can really have a dramatic impact your life.

  • In addition to the obvious (thankful for my healthy, happy little boy) I am grateful for the gift of a solid education and the fact that I can continue to pursue more educational opportunities!

  • I certainly hope that we don’t run out of oxygen to breathe any time soon! Great reminder, here, about how good we truly do have it here in the U.S. Thanks for keeping it positive M&A!

  • Love this post and so many things that people are grateful for here.

    An LOL for sewage systems, Lori. No doubt about that!

    I can appreciate and have started spending more time appreciating all the natural beauty around us. So many sunsets, blooming flower and beaches we take for granted.

    Awesome reminder, Ernest. I do write ten items down I’m grateful for each day - definitely a spiritual practice.

  • I have the education I need to take care of myself and my family. Priceless.

  • Wow! Such beautiful, heartfelt replies from everyone. Marc and I are grateful for so much, but tonight, after reading all your comments, we are truly thankful for YOU.

    Thank you for continuing to inspire us.

  • I’m so grateful for being able to think for myself. Some may require others or aids to think for them. Ability to think and think through is a great privilege and should not be taken for granted.

  • I would add computers & the internet, without which we would not have access to this wonderful post.

    I am thankful for the general good health of my family, and our ability to get medical care when needed.

    It’s funny, I had just been thinking about these things before reading this post, because I’d been at the dentist with my 22yo son, who had an abcessed tooth and needed a root canal.

    I was a bit bummed about the sudden expense, but driving home I realized that we are so fortunate that I could get him the treatment he needed immediately. I put it on a credit card, which I can take money from the emergency fund to pay. There was a long time in my life when this would have been a crisis, but thankfully not today.

    So I was already feeling blessed when I came home to find this post. Thanks everyone for sharing your comments!

  • I am grateful to everything that has made me smile in life, right from my pet to my maid who lessens my work in the kitchen. I am grateful to my son for loving Me for what I am. To my husband who wholeheartedly loves me forgiving all my mistakes.vMy parents who had given me healthy body and great education.vI am grateful to God for creating everything under the sun which in some way adds beauty to my life :)

  • I am grateful for not only the insightful list, but also everyone’s polite and heartfelt comments, which I also learn from. (In this mean and nasty world we live in, one doesn’t have to go beyond a site like youtube to get a sad dose of the vitriol some people enjoy spreading and actually seem to enjoy doing it. Glad I don’t see any of that here. For that I am grateful.

  • The ability to think clearly
    The ability to walk without pain
    The ability to choose
    The ability to hear music
    The ability to speak
    To have a friend
    To have someone that lives me
    Someone to love
    Someone to share memories with
    To know about GOD

  • The greatest gift we have is freedom.

  • Amen Marc!

  • Lol, as a founder of a new tech company. I have 6 out of the 11, barely. I am happy though. Stressed, but happy.

  • Having seen my mom struggle to breathe in the end stages of lung cancer, I really appreciate every day I have… just the oxygen around me and the ability to effortlessly breathe it truly is a blessing. It really is a lasting blessing passed on to me by my mother - the simple reminder that there is always, always something to be grateful for, in every moment, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not.

  • I am grateful of an amazing wife and two precious children. To simply get to come home each day and spend time with them is all I ever need. And yet I have much much more and cherish it everyday.

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